How Often Do You Turn Down the Opportunity to Succeed?

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I recall reading a story about a billionaire who had a talented friend.

He claimed his friend sang better than Frank Sinatra.

But the friend languished in obscurity.

Each time the billionaire offered to call his sources at a world famous newspaper to do a write up on the singer with the olive oil voice, the friend told him not to do it because he was not ready yet.

Of course, “not being ready yet” for someone with talent rivaling one of the all time singing greats meant the individual deeply feared seizing and using an opportunity to succeed.

How can you thrive if you reject opportunities to thrive?

How can you gain fame and make money if you reject gaining popularity and the opportunities to attract fans, loyal customers and rabid clients?

How can you feel fulfilled if you turn down fulfilling opportunities?

Think of this immensely talented singer. 

He had a conveyor belt of opportunities knocking on his door via a single connected, highly influential entrepreneur.

But he feared seizing and using the opportunities to succeed.

He frequently turned down opportunities to thrive.

Naturally, if you reject opportunities to succeed often you do not thrive.


Why do people reject opportunities to thrive?

Most people fear elements of being successful. Some fear receiving greater exposure because doing so amplifies their tender, inner weaknesses.

Observe the high incidence of alcoholism and drug abuse among entertainers whose problems appear to mushroom as fame expands.

Imagine feeling self-conscious among 10 strangers in a bar.

Multiply that self-conscious feeling by an untold factor when 100 million people know who you are.

Perhaps you feared being criticized, mocked or teased for some physical feature of your body by a few people. 

Picture thousands upon thousands of people lobbing the same teasing your way through TV and social media.

You have to forgive these fears or you will always self-sabotage and turn down success-promoting opportunities.

Either reject fame and the worldly success that comes with it – to live a more simple life – or forgive the fear to seize opportunities to thrive.

Everything hinges on your personal decision.

Blogging and Opportunities

I routinely observe bloggers who complain about not driving any traffic. 

Most of these bloggers turn down opportunities to boost traffic via genuine blog commenting, guest blogging and blogger outreach.

This common form of blogging self-sabotage becomes an endless cycle of ruing traffic woes, rejecting opportunities to increase blog traffic and complaining about the same traffic problems as these individuals ignore opportunities to become successful bloggers.

Seize Abundance

You and I live in abundance.

Opportunities to help and succeed await in every moment.

For example, bloggers who need traffic can easily publish a 1-2 paragraph, genuine comment in response to this blog post. No one holds them back from doing this. Don kept comments open to foster a sense of community here.

As a pro blogger who guides bloggers to succeed I feel like genuine blog commenting is the most undervalued way to accelerate your blogging success because the opportunity is free, easy to seize and use and requires only a few moments of your time.

Capitalize on that opportunity now to develop the habit of seizing the moment to free yourself.

Look Around

Look around you.

Endless opportunities to succeed meet you right now.

Pick one.

Use it to be helpful.

Stop turning down opportunities to thrive.

Stop surrounding yourself with people who enable you and victimize you by claiming that your “opportunity allergies” are actually a good thing.

Let them go.

Cure your allergy.

Seize and use opportunities to thrive right now.

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