Why Mind Training Is Practical

by Ryan Biddulph

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Somewhere along the way, people came up with the phrase “woo woo” for unconventional, non-scientific beliefs.

Mystical experiences, spiritual schools of thought and pretty much anything not provable by science fall under the realm of being “out there”, zany, kooky or too silly to be accepted or practical.

Believe it or not, training your mind is quite practical.

How you think, feel and act determines how you experience life.

Doesn't it seem practical to train the mind in order to think, feel and act to find a better way to live?

Did You See That?

My intuition recently nudged me with this little phrase:

“Did you see that?”

When I note any experience clearly reflecting my thoughts or mind back to me I hear the brief reminder that training my mind makes the most sense for me now.

My wife and I have formed the habit of chatting on a few set topics over the prior few weeks. As my mind training goes deeper I notice the reflections seemingly “acting out” my beliefs.

For example, my wife and I experienced a highly convincing series of events the other day based on a subject oft spoken of over the prior weeks. We heard a song, saw a person at our dolmus stop, picked up a cigarette carton with a figure on it and observed an absolutely clear situation that made any scenarios from the movie “Evan Almighty” seem like a hazy mystery.

The problem is this: when you do not actively train the mind it remains asleep. Sleeping minds would completely miss each of the witnesses acting out our beliefs we instantly noticed (but only through our mind training) or perhaps the snoozing mind could use these phrases or words to describe the events:

  • out of the blue
  • odd
  • weird

Mind training is highly practical because understanding that the world reflects your beliefs back to you helps you to change course if need be.

Not training the mind keeps it sound asleep. Picture a zombie trudging through the world as a victim of circumstance.

Not a good look if you ask me.

We Are One Mind

Even though you and I seem separate we are one mind.

Everything that appears to be divided is one mind projecting the forms we seem to see.

Over the past two evenings my wife and I watched comedians on YouTube. We observed no less than 7-10 rapid fire instances of our thoughts being reflected back to us as the comic's jokes.

When this occurs that quickly, in such swift succession over the course of days, you realize the practicality of mind training.

For example, we discussed the Coronation in London a few months in the future this evening. 3 minutes after my wife mentioned it a character from a sitcom joked, “The Queen has to die someday.”

A few minutes prior I joked about waiting a few extra days to clip my finger nails. Kelli busted my chops on the delay. Without fail, the standup comedian dove into a series of jokes about a family member who grew long, grotesque nails before engaging in clipping. The time frame between our chat and her joke was minutes.

When it happens once or twice the ego calls it a random event. When it happens 15 to 20 times or more within a short time frame and the hits keep on rolling you gradually notice the cause-effect relationship.

You appear to be a solo act but the thoughts you think and beliefs you believe are constantly being acted out by the one mind you really are.

Guys; I know this seems difficult to understand at first. But observing extreme examples can offer you greater clarity.

Mirror Effect

Actor Larry David from the show Curb Your Enthusiasm reveals someone who's belief in grievances reflect back to him frequently.

Consider real life examples similar to LD. Most know of someone who complains about suffering bad luck, being a victim or life being unfair. Naturally, the individual seems stricken by bad luck, being victimized and the appearance of unfair circumstances. The bad luck belief in mind, victim mentality belief or belief in unfairness gets acted out in the world through living beings and circumstances.

On the flip side, note people who radiate happiness. The world acts out their beliefs, shining joy back at this crowd.

Imagine the power of understanding that you are dreaming it all?

What or who can bother you when you understand that life acts out your beliefs and that you can forgive and move on peacefully?

It's not easy at first but it is do-able.

Random Does Not Exist

The world appears to be random.

But appearances deceive.

The clever ego does all in its power to make the world a random collection of chaotic events suffered by powerless people in a game of chance.

Never buy that line.

In reality, the world is a holograph reflecting your beliefs back to you.

Train your mind.

Observe your circumstances.

Watch your thoughts.

In the beginning, this process seems confusing because most beliefs are buried deep in the unconscious.

But as you allow these emotions to surface for expression – even if doing so feels rough – you will slowly realize that the world acts out your beliefs.

This makes mind training the most practical thing to do.

You do not have to meditate for 5 hours a day as a young mind training padawan.

Start by observing your thoughts.

From there you can begin to see how the behavior of others reveals your beliefs to you.

Be gentle with yourself.

Freedom is not for the faint of heart.

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