Do You Know the Definition of Forgiveness?

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This post may be confusing to follow at first.

But understanding the spirit of the concept allows the ideas discussed below to make greater sense.

You and I know that how we choose to think about the world creates the world we see.

Judging the world you appear to see instead of forgiving it as thoughts in your mind being reflected back to you causes every one of your problems.

True forgiveness is the solution.

Do you know what forgiveness means?

I am not talking about the world’s definition of forgiveness which is not really forgiveness but a grievance.

The world defines forgiveness as someone doing something bad, injurious or nasty that you decide to let go because you are better than the baddie, beyond the buffoon and walk a higher path than the lowly peon.

Or in less harsh terms, this lack of true forgiveness says: you did something bad to me but I love you and forgive you.

How can you love someone and forgive someone when you judge them as doing something bad? Love never asks so it certainly cannot judge. 

Forgiveness looks past what never happened.


…..wait a second here.

Let’s rewind.

Love never asks. Forgiveness looks past what never happened.

Enlightened Minds Know

Ascended masters from Jesus Christ, to Lord Buddha, to the Kriya yogi masters, to Christian saints, to Hindu mystics all knew this: we are all one mind united and we are dreaming this alleged human experience.

Buddha discovered that he was the dreamer of the dream.

Jesus knew that God is and nothing else exists.

Each enlightened mind knows how love never asks because in reality, we are one happy spirit, one love, and that IS, realized through diligent mind training. 

The saying goes: “If you love someone then set them free.”

The world’s definition of love is not love but fear, a desire to control and asks, demands, expectations and grievances.

When was the last time you loved a family member the way they were? When did you last love them without asking anything of them?

Do you expect roles of family members? That my friends is called an “ask.”

Unfortunately, the world tricked you into believing that fear is love and that genuine, divine love is for suckers.

Unconditional love is incredibly rare because only enlightened beings love without condition. Most of us love our family and friends deeply but if we straight with ourselves we tend to add plenty of conditions.

“I will love you….if you listen to me. If not, you may be punished, or love may be withheld, or I may ignore you, shut you out or hold onto a grievance for hours, days, weeks, months or years that arises during intense moments.”

That cannot be love and certainly cannot be true forgiveness.

Forgiveness Lesson

Let’s revisit the forgiveness thingee.

In your mind – where everything unfolds – if you give reality to the idea that someone did something bad, hurtful or injurious you cannot love them completely in that moment because you explicitly hold a grievance against them. 

How can you love someone and ask nothing of them if you give reality to their “bad behavior” but appear to “let it go” while the grievance sits prominently in your conscious mind and deep in your unconscious mind?

As long as you recall the bad thing you cling to a grievance in your conscious mind.

Love never asks. Love only gives. 

The definition of forgiveness is this: they never did it because you dreamed the grievance, the offense, the bad behavior, because you judged their behavior through faulty perception and refused to accept the individual as they really were in that moment.

Real forgiveness is a firm understanding that every moment is your mind being reflected back to you. If you see it you dream it. If someone does something apparently nasty to you they acted out either your conscious beliefs or in most cases, your unconscious beliefs.


We are one mind. What your brother in spirit does reflects you back to yourself. 

Genuine forgiveness says this: “my lesson”.

The Insane World

Since the world is a bit insane it rests on blame.

The mad house tries to obscure the limitless power of the mind discovered by Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Yuktewar, Babaji and all mystics and saints throughout history.

Jesus advised us to turn the other cheek.

Buddha guided us to recall that the angry one holds the hot coal in their hands.

If you hurt others you only hurt yourself because we are connected as one. Separation is an illusion.

The seers, teachers and adepts all knew and taught that true forgiveness is looking past your brother in mind for they “know not what they do”.

In a radical book called A Course in Miracles, the Voice explains how everything is either love or a call to love. 

Practice training your mind to observe an enraged person calling out for love when they scream at you after cutting you off in traffic. The first time you attempt to practice, the ego mind will probably try to flip them the bird in reactive fashion. The 4th or 5th time you may feel angry for a few seconds but you will quickly remember this post and the teachings of Buddha and Jesus and all ascended masters.



With practice, your intuition will gently remind you of this truth:

“This is your lesson, your dream; forgive them for what never happened.”

But Didn’t It Really Happen?

When a yahoo cuts you off in traffic….didn’t it “really” happen?

I know it seems so incredibly difficult not to judge according to appearances. Did the traffic nut job appear to commit a transgression?

How could it have never happened?

Appearance is not reality. Illusion is not true.

When you slowly but surely begin to understand that the person acted out your mind for you, for your lesson, then no, it did not happen the way the ego framed the victimized, fear-based, separated situation.

If your mind and other mind are connected as one mind how can one mind hurt itself?

Bodies can appear to damage each other….but who gives the body commands? The mind. Who runs the body? The mind. The mind, directing the body, chooses each moment. 

The terrible traffic situation is you being angry at yourself in your mind and that belief being acted out via the other witness-body.

The experience was a reflection.

Can you forgive them for what didn’t happen?

Do you want peace of mind?

Can you accept the individual as they are?

Do you understand that the person simply calls out for love?

Remember; your lesson.

It’s Me Not You

Can you imagine the liberation you will experience when you slowly begin to understand the true nature of forgiveness is:

“It’s me not you.”

By that, I mean it is the unconscious nightmares we all have buried being acted out in more intense, seemingly ghoulish or less intense scenarios on a worldly level.

Please read and listen closely guys!

These scenarios are NOT:

  • Your fault
  • Your intentionality
  • Your problem
  • Your responsibility
  • Your desire

…from the level you are operating at right now, egoically.

Do not blame yourself for anything.

Also, try to train your mind not to project onto baby bodies who come into the world into the appearances of grim circumstances. The ego mind makes these decisions on a different level. When you see these seemingly rough circumstances in your mind it is yet another opportunity for forgiveness.

When the poop appears to hit the fan, and you are expressing some pretty strong fears as rage, guilt, grief, embarrassment or shame, gently repeat to yourself:

“My lesson…..my lesson.”

You need to express the fear, the guilt, the rage, grief, shame and embarrassment triggered during opportunities for forgiveness in order not to be weighed down by these hellish emotions. Being tethered by fear in the mind makes you the walking dead.

The walking dead suffer a condition known as the sleeping mind. The sleeping mind never forgives, always blames, clings to grievances and suffers predominantly from cradle to grave until the next lifetime where they repeat the same experience until finally learning how to look within the mind, to express fear and to forgive by understanding that it didn’t really happen as the ego saw it and how it was their lesson.

What’s the Upside?

As you guys can likely tell from my absence from guest blogging on Don’s rocking blog, I’ve been doing my best to practice true forgiveness over the prior few years without comprising.

I’ve had beautiful forgiveness lessons involving my mom’s passing on, “interesting” business circumstances, “colorful” family circumstances and life in general as a digital nomad who changes time zones like most people change their minds.

I’m mentally practicing. It’s not comfortable. But really guys, the upside of forgiveness is this: when less and less causes upset in your mind because all becomes your lesson for true forgiveness, life becomes more fun, loving, carefree and joyful.

Like Buddha said, you begin to see that you are the dreamer of the dream.

How can a dream be scary once you begin to wake up from it?

Imagine being physically hurt or experiencing pain, then through your patient forgiveness practice, you begin to internally realize that it was for you and not against you? When you open your mind to the idea that the pain is in your mind, not out there, and not in the body, and you express fear and forgive it, the pain feeling goes away and gets replaced by peace, ease and calm, in mind first, then in body.

You and I have done this so many times unconsciously and we’ve done it consciously too. You will remember what I’m talking about when you practice true forgiveness.

If you really want to get into radical lessons in forgiveness and the body's healing, look up Mary Baker Eddy.

She, Kriya yogi masters and all adepts do not tend to be mainstream because minds devoted to forgiving the world and reminding you of your power are the biggest threat to the insane thought systems of the world.

Oooops…..looks like another forgiveness lesson for me.

Time to forgive that “threat”.

Gotta go!

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Ryan Biddulph

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  • Some good thoughts Ryan. One important piece of forgiveness I believe is to remember that forgiving isn't the same as continuing to allow certain behaviors. Having healthy boundaries can often reduce the times we feel the need to forgive others, as well as ourselves.

    • Excellent point Don. Forgiveness is 100% about the mind which means that setting boundaries as far as physical contact, conversations and pretty much everything in the world is not only OK but required in some cases.

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