5 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive in a Long-Term Relationship

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A few months after your marriage the honeymoon period may wear off but that doesn't mean it's the end of your love story.

Relationships progress naturally. The initial desire that made it impossible to stay away from each other isn't long-lasting. because you wouldn't be able to get anything done in the first place.

The initial desire transforms into a deeper connection over time. it progresses into an intimate connection that mirrors all that you've been through together as a couple.

However, you need not worry if your initial desire did not progress into a deeply cherished bond, as there are countless ways to connect with your partner and reignite that spark in your relationship over time.

What is a long-term relationship

Couples experience a surge of oxytocin aka the feel-good hormone, in the initial months of their relationship, which lasts up to three years.

Oxytocin levels tend to fall between the three years as the couple settles into a routine with one another.

From a scientific standpoint, a long-term relationship is one in which the couple experiences loving and harmonious interactions even after the oxytocin levels have lowered after the honeymoon phase.

How each person/couple perceives long term is determined by how they interpret it. Bear in mind that there is no right or wrong way to identify a long-term relationship and it is solely up to you.

How to be happy in a long term relationship?

Maintaining a happy relationship in the long term requires time and effort, but if the couple is ready to commit to this responsibility then however challenging it may be, the relationship will work.

The key to a delightful relationship is compromise. You’ve probably heard of the 50/50 split in relationships. The idea behind that is that you’re both supposed to invest efforts for your relationship’s growth. 

Some days you’ll have to sit back and let your partner take control of the day, other days they’ll be doing the same for you. A person is the happiest when they get to do what their heart desires. If you can compromise occasionally and let them take the lead, there would rarely be any complaints in your relationship. Of course, it’s also necessary that your partner matches your compromising efforts.

When A Long-Term Relationship Ends

Regardless of how long you two have been together, love alone can’t keep your relationship going. You need to make an active effort daily to make your partner feel adored and appreciated. The worst poison you can feed your relationship is taking your partner for granted. Once you become comfortable with the fact that you’re in a relationship and your partner won’t go anywhere, that’s where the deterioration of the foundation starts. 

Your partner needs to know you’re their lifelong priority. While you may feel that too but the inability to show it to your partner ignites the fights. Lastly, respecting your partner is paramount for a relationship to stand the test of time. The minute you lose that respect is the minute you’ll lose the support of your partner.

The Top 5 Advice For A Long Term Relationship

Here are some therapist-approved recommendations by Janet Zinn, an expert in Couples therapy, 

These 5 tips will help you strengthen your bond as a couple and make your relationship prosper in the long run:

1) Bring playfulness into the relationship: 

 long-term relationships often delve into the mediocreness of daily task so much that it starts to induce boredom into the relationship. By purposefully bringing playfulness or fun into the relationship, you both get to share laughter, which can help you get out of the flow of daily tasks and make your day interesting. By spicing up your day to day tasks with happiness and playfulness, it will pave an easier path to romance.  

2) Find ways to express gratitude:

Us humans can be so fixated on achieving perfection at times, that we easily get distracted about appreciating our partners uniqueness and how it brightens up our life. Try appreciating and expressing gratitude to your partner whenever you get the chance as it will not only make their day, but allow them to do those things tenfold better. Because when we feel seen and appreciated, we tend to open up more, making romance more realistic. 

3) Initiate romantic gestures:

Rather than waiting for your partner to make a romantic gesture, do it yourself. It’s risky to put yourself on the line, but the possibility for a romantic experience is more likely to happen when we take action rather than waiting for our significant other to fix us or make us feel special .  

4) Find ways to be physical with each other:

Don't miss out on a chance to Hug them, hold hands when your partner is sitting or standing by your side. Communicate your love through your touch. The absence of physical touch can lead to feelings of isolation within a relationship. One of the gentle and kind ways couples can interact is to touch each other, as a gentle grace of your hands may lead to a greater sense of romance in the long-term. 

5) Share the best and worst parts of your days with each other:

One of the best ways to spark a conversation with your partner is to let them in on details of how your day went. This makes them feel included in your life, fosters a greater connection between you and your partner, and allows for greater vulnerability, which can be a wonderful precursor to romance.  

The keys to a long lasting relationship

Couples vary in different parts of the world. But one thing that remains constant in all successful relationships is unconditional love, respect, and communication. These 3 things are the foundation of a happy long term relationship.

A relationship where you receive love regardless of a condition fosters a pure connection and safe space between the couple, where the two know that they won't be judged and can be themselves in front of each other.

Respecting each other's opinions and feelings allows the couple to embrace their differences and be more open with each other

The last and most important key to a lasting relationship is communication because you can be affectionate with your partner, and buy them all the gifts in the world, but if you're depending on them to figure out your needs without you communicating it to them then it can lead to many conflicts and arguments.

In conclusion, Love doesn't just happen by chance; it requires time, effort, and a positive mindset. There are numerous secrets to sustaining a long-term relationship, but if you practice these techniques with your partner as a daily ritual, you can lay a solid groundwork for a prosperous future together.

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