3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Saving Money

by Karolina Lugowska

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Like many of us, I was made to believe that having second thoughts before making any purchase was a good habit. In the era of minimalism and overconsumption, buying impractical items or spending money on things like streaming services or eating out seems like an unnecessary expense; especially compared to the bright future the same money could assure you in the long run. 

But the thing about ideas is they like to go to extremes, no matter which side you’re on. And while cluttering up your space on a whim when you still haven’t paid your rent is not desirable in any adult’s life, being too strict with yourself about your finances can get really dark really soon, too.

A healthy balance is essential, and here are three reasons why you should stop saving money at every turn. 

1. Sometimes it is the only thing that cheers you up

Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness was definitely lying. 

Of course, shopping isn’t (or, at least, shouldn’t be) the only source of one’s joy, but is there anyone who hasn’t at least once taken pleasure in the instant gratification of buying a nice T-shirt or the book they’ve been meaning to read for months? Is there anyone whose mediocre day didn’t get a hundred percent better by simply going for ice cream, grabbing a new CD at their favorite shop, or screaming their lungs out at a concert?

The truth is money is meant to be spent. That’s exactly what it’s for, and it’s perfectly fine that in doing so, your mood gets slightly better and the cloud above your head a little less gray. 

Especially since…

2. You deserve something nice

You work hard, and it is so incredibly easy to get burned out. 

The world is moving fast, impostor syndrome keeps you on your toes all day long, and the rat race most likely causes you to sometimes want to hide under your bed and scream. The whole adulting deal is difficult! 

You deserve a reward for your efforts. At least if you intend to stay sane. Because if you really believe you can live off of coffee and pressure, I have to tell you that the low time will come, and motivation will no longer be enough to keep you going.

Your long-term goals and the rewards they bring are definitely worth looking forward to. But you need the smaller milestones and gifts from and to yourself just as much – if not more.

3. It is not your fault

Yet the ultimate reason why you should stop saving money like crazy is that there are better opportunities out there waiting for you rather than those making you work for peanuts. 

It’s scary and difficult, and many things may go wrong along the way, and it’d be ignorant of me to claim anything different. 

But your experience and skills are valuable, and for the amount of time and effort you spend at work, you should be able to not think twice about buying something nice for yourself. 

Getting underappreciated and underpaid is hurtful. It is not your fault that so many people in high places only care about their own pockets. But some aren’t hoarding their money like mythical dragons; instead, they cherish those who help them and their businesses grow. 

You can always try to take action and actively look for something better, where you feel respected and don’t have to worry about getting a Starbucks ever again. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Saving Money

About the Author 

Karolina Lugowska

Karolina is a personal development & personal finance freelance writer for hire. When she's not busy helping businesses grow their traffic through engaging blog posts and social media content, she spends her time studying classic literature and playing with her dog Kiwi.
Find her at https://karolugowska.com/.

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