What Do You Genuinely Believe about Your Business?

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Does your business seem slow?

Slow business growth reflects your belief system back to you concerning your venture.

Does your business seem to be grow quickly?

You believe in your mind that your business should grow quickly.

What do you genuinely believe about your business? Simply observe how your business seems to be. How your business performs now reflects your belief system back to you.

Everything is in your mind. Literally, the world is inside of your mind because you and I are unlimited awareness.

Quantum physics is a relatively new science in modern terms. This quantum science proves that our minds create our experience. Far from the commonly held idea of thinking positively, or trying to be positive, your human experience is your mind reflected back to you.

Imagine how quickly life can change if you shift your belief system? I believed I would always be an employee some 20 plus years ago as I entered the work force. But I slowly shifted my belief system to believe that I was an entrepreneur.

I had to cultivate a deep belief in my blogging business to experience growth through my blog. But unearthing shaky business beliefs buried under the facade of false bravado preceded my blogging business growth.

I claimed to deeply believe in my blogging business 14 years ago as a newbie. However, receiving my first negative comment told quite a different story. Anger, frustration and shame coursed through my being the moment I perceived the snarky comment. In reality, the commentor did me a favor. He unearthed deep fears fueling my lack of business growth.

I secretly did not believe in my business much at all. Feeling angry, ashamed and flat out unclear after reading the comment revealed that I had some inner work to do to believe in my blog in order to experience blogging business growth.

Do you believe in your business? Or do you fear sharing your venture with people? Do you feel uncomfortable promoting yourself? Or do you feel clear on promoting your business in front of anyone?

Honestly assess whether or not you need to gain a deeper business belief. Observe your actions. Do you feel undeserving any time a client or customer offers you glowing feedback? Own this fear. Clear this fear. Develop a deeper belief in your entrepreneurial venture.

See your business as an extension of your mind. How do you treat your business? Entrepreneurs who work diligently tend to believe deeply in their venture. However, entrepreneurs who rarely work their businesses almost always doubt their venture.

I am writing these words before midnight. The old me would have resisted writing this guest post since I did not believe in my blogging business. My ego would have made various excuses to deflect my lack of belief. But the current day me knew to write and publish this blog post the moment the idea entered my mind because I am clearer on my business these days.

Entrepreneurs who deeply believe in their business:

  • generously help people
  • network with top entrepreneurs
  • persist
  • cultivate patience
  • trust in themselves

I scanned a few of my old guest posts from years ago recently. Instantly, I discovered a problem related to my blogging business belief system. Even though I have experienced some success over the years I transitioned from guest blogging on some of the top sites in my niche to lesser known, low profile blogs. Even though I enjoy helping all types of bloggers my belief system blogging and business wise took a hit over the years for any number of reasons.

I decided to guest post only for high profile, credible bloggers going forward to allow my increased belief reflect back to me.

Sometimes, observing past success fosters current day confidence. Every entrepreneur suffers through doubts from time to time. But business leaders hop scotch over doubts by noting small victories fueling business confidence.

Thriving entrepreneurs also observe their business and mind in the light of truth. Perhaps you claim to be confident but if one negative review ruffles your feathers the truth is that you harbor strong doubts concerning your business. Stop puffing yourself up with a false sense of confidence. Explore your tender inner weaknesses. Clear doubts. Become more confident.

What you genuinely believe about your business reflects back to you through:

  • your business results
  • how you feel about your business

Shift your belief system to shift your business course.

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