What Business Limiting Beliefs Do You Need to Let Go?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I came across a blogger who made some sweet coin by publishing 20 blog posts daily.

I do not advise you to publish 20 blog posts daily through my blogging courses, blogging eBooks or even through my blog. But jogging my memory revealed that I too once published upwards of 20 posts daily to one of my old blogs. How many page views did I generate? I am not sure. But I do recall gaining 15,000 to 20,000 page visits daily by publishing up to 20 posts daily on my old school blog.

My point is this: I initially thought the guy was a loon for publishing that much content daily but my fears manifest as limiting beliefs created the perception. I also realized that some of my blogging outcomes-results seem to be influenced by a few limiting business beliefs that I chose to cling to over the years. Should I begin mass publishing helpful content and doing little else on Blogging From Paradise? If I target the content and generate 20,000 page visits daily, it is worth some ponder. Perhaps I could not publish that many posts every day but bumping out a few more may help me, help you and help my business bottom line.

I do not suggest publishing 20 posts daily to profit handsomely. I simply want you to assess what fears manifest as limiting beliefs hold you and your business back.

A number of bloggers told the 20 posts a day guy that he was:

  • ineffective
  • inefficient
  • not blogging intelligently
  • wasting his time

In truth, perhaps some of these bloggers made a good point.

However, how many of these bloggers had the:

  • income?
  • worldly success?
  • prolific nature?
  • abundance mindset?

of this wildly prolific blogger?

Did their blogging limiting beliefs flavor their advice? Did their poverty consciousness influence their counsel? Did their belief in scarcity goad them to offer their feedback in such limiting fashion?

Each of these questions is food for business thought. You and I possess some limiting beliefs concerning business because every human harbors fears, limits and mental handcuffs regarding some business ideas. If this were not true, some entrepreneurs would have accessed infinite dollars now. Alas, entrepreneurs who become worth nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars seems to be where the limits stop, these days, at least.

Be less concerned with digging for business limiting beliefs. Simple make a pact with yourself to leave your business comfort zone to meet limits head on. I followed my own advice this morning by writing and publishing this guest post and:

  • 2 posts on Blogging From Paradise

all by 1:50 PM.

The prolific posting guy set off a light bulb above my head. I had committed heavily to blogging and guest blogging for a while. But why did I eventually pull back? Did I make a sound business decision? Or did I choose to pull back because some fear manifest as a limiting belief in my mind appear to make the decision for me?

More content is not the answer. But more valuable content intending to help the ideal, targeted reader certainly does not hurt me, or you. Each of these ideas popped up in my mind a few moments before writing this guest post because a seeming limiting belief unearthed itself the moment I read that prolific blogger's post.

How are you holding yourself back?

What limits do you need to explore concerning your business venture?

Building a business is not about working longer and harder. Being intelligent, generous, patient and persistent counts. But are you holding back based on some imagined limiting belief? How can you give more freely? How can you trust more in yourself and in the business-building process?

Ponder these ideas.

Ask these questions.

Ferret out business limiting beliefs through intense inner scrutiny.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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