Secrets to Live a Happy Life

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If I ask you to explain what is happiness. What would be your answer??

Way to Happiness

Some people would say that achieving some degree, job, or milestone is happiness for them. Others might say that becoming a millionaire, billionaire, having truckloads of money, eating, hanging out, doing parties, etc. is happiness for them. Does happiness really come with these things??

Does happiness really come with these things?? Can't a person be happy without having these things??? Is happiness an illusion or something??

If you are looking for the answers to these questions. you are at the correct place. Keep reading to know the answers

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The feeling you feel when you accomplish something or achieve any milestone is Euphoria, but not happiness that lasts long. Euphoria is a feeling of extreme happiness and excitement that is temporary.

Let's take an example to understand better. A person is working very hard towards getting a prestigious job. He thinks that if he gets that job. He will be happy.

After putting in immense efforts, he got that job, and he was on cloud nine. He was feeling delighted and thrilled, but this lasted only for some days.

Afterward, he starts to complain about his job, company, and hectic work schedule and begins to find happiness again. Now you might be thinking that if he has a prestigious job, then he must be having a handsome salary. He can fulfill his desires and that will give him happiness eventually.

My dear friend, the happiness he will get from buying luxurious things will be again temporary. Any person can never be satisfied if he depends on these things to feel happy. You can never be happy until or unless you change your state of mind.

That is the reason some middle-class people are happier and healthier than some rich ones.

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We humans associate happiness with things But happiness doesn't come with these. Happiness is nothing but a state of mind.

One can achieve it by changing their state of mind and flow of thoughts. One can achieve it by inculcating some habits in their daily life.

I will be telling you some ways to stay happy even if you got nothing big.

1. Make Genuine connections – we humans are social beings. It is proven that we can't live happily without having some genuine connections despite having a lot of money. The longest Harvard study on happiness conducted in 1938 found that persons with good relationships live longer and stay happier in their lives.

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No matter what you achieve but at the end of the day, those relationships and connections will make you feel good, supported, and understood. Make some genuine connections be it your family, friends, or lover. Give them support, care for them, understand them, love them and last but not least, never take them for granted.

2. Express gratitude – Every morning when you wake up or before the time you go to bed ask yourself a very simple question – what's good in my life?? whatever you tell or ask yourself your mind starts to find shreds of evidence of the same. Think about the things that are good in your life and pen down them.

Write 10 things daily you are grateful for and it can be as small as a pillow or a cozy bed to sleep in. Express gratitude not only for the things you have but to the people also who have helped you at any point in time. Begin to say more Thank you. A Harvard study conducted by some psychologists of The University of California and the University of Miami found after 10 weeks of research that being grateful can boost happiness in one's life drastically.

3. Start AppreciatingBy “Appreciation” I don't only mean that appreciate others but appreciate yourself too. Stand in front of the mirror and appreciate yourself for all the efforts you are putting in.

Appreciate people for the things you like about them. Don't fake it. Be genuine. At times we don't consider it important to tell someone the things we like about them but you should do it more often.

4. Give time to your hobbies – between working towards our goals we lose ourselves and forget about our likes, dislikes, and whatnot. Start doing the things you like be it dancing, singing, painting, writing or any other thing. It will make you feel lively. It will help you in making the identity that you lost in working towards your aspirations. You will be happier than ever. 

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Happiness is not something that comes with money, a car, or some degree. Happiness is just a state of mind. Anyone can get this by practicing some habits in their daily life even when you don't have any prestigious job or degree or lots of money that make some genuine connections, express gratitude, start appreciating, pursue your hobbies and never compare yourself to anyone. Gradually, you will begin to stay happier than ever before by following these steps religiously.

Do you agree with me or is happiness something else in your view???

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