How Often Do You Seize Opportunities for Business Growth?

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Don invited me to guest post on Personal Growth Channel a few years ago.

I seized and used this opportunity immediately.

Minus taking off a while from guest blogging daily over the prior year or so I published 394 guest posts on this fabulous blog.

Top shelf entrepreneurs taught me this simple truth: help people for free to build a strong foundation for your business venture.

Seizing and using opportunities for business growth allows me to expand my presence while helping you. But I grabbed opportunities to help people often to cultivate more of an abundance mindset.

Everything comes down to growing your business by gobbling up opportunities quickly. Gary Vaynerchuk seems to be the online legend in terms of capitalizing on opportunities. He published up to 60 pieces of content daily between all social media channels earlier during his career. Even though some pieces of content consisted of a sentence he created a dizzying number of videos and also completed a mind-blowing number of interviews during this content blitz.

Ray Higdon has been one of the top network marketers on earth since I began blogging in 2008. Wouldn’t you know that the guy popped up on my LinkedIn main stream today. Interestingly enough, some of his posts generated only 1-2 Likes after a few hours. But not only does he keep churning out helpful content, he admitted to reaching one of his lofty goals earlier this week in having a client hire him for $100,000 USD.

Imagine that pay day?

Do you see why business icons develop an abundance mentality?

The more you give over the long haul the more you seem to get over the long haul.

Gary Vee boasts a net worth of $100 million to $200 million based on various reports. Ray Higdon just landed one client for $100,000. Do you understand why grabbing and using opportunities seems so important for expanding your business?

Wise entrepreneurs work for free for quite a long time to name their price. First, business owners work for free to gain skills, exposure and credibility. Eventually, pros make some money. But the pro’s pros who REALLY see the journey through name their price because giving freely for years allows you to receive freely over the years.

Tony Robbins gave freely of his time and talents for years. His big ticket clients pay him $1 million for a year’s worth of coaching. 

I do not intend to make this post about money. Everyone who follows Blogging From Paradise knows freedom – not digits – means most to me. But money seems to be one form of freedom arresting most attention spans. Business success usually ties into earnings, on some level.

Tossing around these heady numbers simply reveals how grabbing opportunities for helping people leads to exponential business growth over the long term.

Take opportunities to help people versus allowing these gifts to slip through your fingers. Do not allow the past cloud your judgment concerning opportunities in the present moment.

Let Go the Past

Eckhart Tolle professes how he never dwells on the past because he has no use for the past.

Let go the past to seize and use opportunities voraciously.

I wrote and published a guest post on this blog yesterday. But that was yesterday and today is today. I rarely dwell on the past because it is over, dead and buried. Today presented me with a handful of rich opportunities for business growth. I decided to grab the opportunities to help people in order to build a stronger foundation for my eBooks, courses and ad revenue.

Become an Opportunity Vacuum

Picture yourself sucking up opportunities for business growth similar to a vacuum. How many people did you help today for free? How much helpful content have you published? How many questions did you answer on Reddit and Quora?

Do not get caught up in any particular number but be sure to grab opportunities daily for helping people. Business growth expands after entrepreneurs help people to gain skills, exposure and credibility. Humble yourself. Answer questions on Facebook Groups related to your blogging niche. Guest post on top blogs from your niche. Take on a free client to gain valuable experience and to build your tribe.

Entrepreneurs work for free in order to work for pay. No business owner starts out charging top dollar for all help rendered. 

Seize opportunities to help people now. Money comes later. Of course, charge for products and services. But be less concerned with trying to sell and focus almost exclusively on helping people for free to build a granite-like foundation for your venture.

Train Your Mind to Accept

Train your mind to grab opportunities for growth now, then later. Help people now. Help more people later. Resist urges to be opportunity allergic. Fear not missing out on opportunities but be get comfortable with grabbing opportunities as if each flows to you on a conveyor belt every single day.

Build a thriving business by being an opportunity magnet.

The more opportunities you seize to help people the more opportunities flow to you for greater business growth.

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