Do You Have a Bad Mental Tenant?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Have you ever been a landlord?

I have not played that role. But I spoke to a few landlords during my renting days. I also conversed with landlords during some of my house sits.

Landlords love good tenants who pay rent on time, keep the apartment tidy and cause no disturbances. But nightmare tenants prove to be more trouble than they are worth. Most landlords eventually evict bad tenants.

Do you have a bad mental tenant sitting inside of your mind? Do specific limiting beliefs hold you back? What fears appear to destroy your life? What bad, negative mental tenant in the form of nasty chatter do you need to evict now?

For example, I allowed a bad mental tenant to stick around for far too long. I evicted him yesterday. He told me not to guest post on blogs freely because I would see no substantial returns. But going back into my mind revealed fears from the past fueling this desperate, greedy, deluded mental tenant.

I officially evicted him and wrote and submitted 7 guest posts in the prior 24 hours.

I love writing. I love blogging. I enjoy guest blogging. I have fun writing eBooks for sale, creating courses for sale and engaging in any form of expressing myself creatively. Guest blogging works perfectly for me. Guest blogging also works well for readers who enjoy the help I offer through guest posts.

What Do You Need to Evict?

Observe your life.

How do you feel about various aspects of your human experience?

What nightmare mental tenants renting space in your mind related to:

  • deep fears
  • limiting beliefs
  • mental blocks

do you need to immediately evict?

Rest assured, every bad-feeling aspect of your life simply mirrors a bad mental tenant back to you. First, life begins in mind. Then, life reflects back to you on the screen of space. One does not try to change the screen of space because attempting this foolish endeavor creates more problems down the road. Evict the bad mental tenant by facing, feeling and releasing fears fueling these states of mind. Life improves from there.

Nightmare Tenant

I lived next door to a nice person but bad tenant for many years. He was quite kind and generous but proved to be a nightmare for my landlord, punching huge holes in the walls, smoking like a chimney inside of the apartment, putting out cigarette butts on the floor and starting fights with friends (?) deep into the night.

I recall hearing 2 men slam into the wall beside my bed at night and a few moments later the phrase,

“When did everything go wrong?”

was uttered. Shortly after, my neighbor chased someone across the front yard with a ball-peen hammer while the prey threw snow balls at him.

My landlord likely evicted him shortly after I moved out of the apartment. Would fixing the walls, replacing the carpet and telling him to be nice to his friends makes sense as solutions to this madness? No way! This is why working on the screen of space proves futile.

Evict the tenant. Get rid of the problem.

The situation improves from there.

Face, feel and release fears. Be with these energies. Let them go. Clear out bad mental tenants. Train your mind. Improve the quality of your life by doing inner engineering.

Eviction notices are imminent!

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