Ideas on How to Make Today Great

by Don Smith

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A few years ago, I started signing off on emails with, “Make it a wonderful day!” I originally wrote, “I hope you have a great day!” but realized that wasn't appropriate to an audience interested in personal development.

I still hope you have a great day, but I believe that the idea that you're mainly in control of how your day turns out is the more powerful statement. When we move from the victim mentality thinking things happen to us to a growth mindset where we understand that our actions have negative and positive consequences, that's an incredibly powerful change.

So my challenge to you is to make today a great day. If you're unsure how, here are a few ideas you can probably still pull off yet today. Feel free to leave more thoughts in the comments!

Make Someone Smile

Who can you make smile yet today? Try finding something you like about someone and complimenting them; maybe that's the clerk at the gas station, a coworker, spouse, or your kid. Fair warning – smiles are contagious.

Do Something Nice for Someone

How about getting some flowers or writing a note to a loved one? Maybe help someone with a project or chore? What can you do that those around you would appreciate?

Do Something Positive for Yourself

What have you been putting off doing that's positive? Maybe you still have time for a few situps or pushups or a little yoga if you can't get to the gym. How about signing up for YNAB to start getting your finances in order or our healthy habits course? Maybe you could sign up for a group that looks interesting or take some time to relax and unwind if you're always on the go.

Start Reading a Book

We've got a lot of self-help suggestions for you in our book recommendations section. How about selecting and reading one of those? Or if you're always reading serious stuff, maybe it's time to grab a fun book for a change and enjoy it.

Phone a Friend

It's always good to call a friend, pick up the phone and check on someone! If you don't think you have any friends like many people in today's world, try picking someone you know and sending them a message to offer to grab a coffee or do something fun together later this week. You might be surprised at how many people are just waiting for an invite to do something fun.

Comment With Your Ideas

These are a few of my suggestions for making today great. Leave a comment and let me know what you do to make your days better!

Ideas on How to Make Today Great


About the Author 

Don Smith

The Personal Growth Channel founder, Don Smith also owns a technology company, has served on the board of directors for multiple companies, and enjoys seeing people achieve their goals. Happily married with five children, he lives in Springfield, Illinois.

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