Role of Exercise and Sports to Curb Chronic Diseases

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Exercise, sports, and other recreational activities that include physical exhaustion keep us fit and mentally sound. The human body is designed for physical labor and activity. Technological advancements have reduced the amount of time we spend outside, getting familiar with nature, and playing around. We have limited our commute with options like working from home and getting things delivered to the doorstep. As a result, our inactivity has put us into serious chronic diseases. Sports and exercises play a substantial role in protecting us from a wide array of physical and mental disorders.

Helps in Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the serious chronic conditions which we often take for granted. Studies have suggested that physical training of high intensity helps you get rid of obesity. Sports and regular exercises have therapeutic effects in weight loss and improving lifestyle. It is observed that obese patients who stay inactive and avoid physical sports are exposed to acute medical conditions.

The obesity of a person can be defined by calculating his or her BMI (body mass index). It takes into account the height and weight of the person. If the index is above 30, the person is considered obese. He or she should immediately consider starting extensive exercise or sports activities.

The ill effects of obesity include high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. If a person is not taking his or her obesity seriously, he or she must move for a considerable amount of time every day to keep the glucose and blood pressure levels low and within acceptable ranges. 

Managing Diabetes

Sports and exercise help diabetic patients to manage various conditions they have to go through with their auto-immune disease. It helps them retain a healthy lifestyle despite the various struggles going on in their body with the immune system.

Regular walks and other sports activities help them control sugar levels that prevent the creation of more complexities. They remain in shape and the weight is also controlled. A thorough check on weight protects them from type 2 diabetes as obesity and inactivity are one of the major causes of extended diabetes from type 1 to type 2. It also helps them avoid other serious diseases related to heart and blood pressure. 

Chronic Pain and Headache 

Adults are getting chronic body pain, headache, sleeping disorders, depression, and fatigue. They have to suffer from such conditions despite everything seeming fine. The reason behind their chronic conditions is the lack of sports and exercise. They are facing it all because they are so obsessed with the technology gadgets and facilities around them that restrict their movement. They commute in personal cars and get everything ready at their tables. They have got themselves busy around the clock and completely ignoring the need for sports. 

Doing aerobics, stretching, balancing, strength training, shredding, or muscle gain exercises can help them get rid of the unusual pain and feel happy about it. They become active and forget about getting fatigued or stiff soon after walking for a mile. 

Prevents Heart Disease

Among the various life-threatening disorders, heart disease ranks number one in killing people in America.  Obesity, diabetes, and inactivity are among the serious causes of cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease (CAD). These conditions can be mitigated with fitness exercises and extensive sports activities. 

Anyone who does not wish to get lethal diseases like CAD must incorporate structured training and exercises. It may help them maintain a healthy blood flow to the heart. Regular exercises improve the blood flow and ensure better circulation of oxygen in arteries that prevent building up plaque in them. Any plague or stoppage in arteries gives way to serious complications. 

Exercise and sports have a significant role in curbing chronic heart diseases. People who are overweight, fond of fast food and carb-rich food, and have a family history of heart disease must start going to the gym and a fitness center. If they are not comfortable visiting a gym, they can find their love for sports like skating in the nearest park, getting a treadmill to work out at home, going for a walk, or joining a local cycling or swimming community. Find anything interesting that includes physical activity. 


The role of exercise and sports is manifold. Such activities improve sleep, boost productivity, improve the brain, and strengthen the immune system. The improved blood flow helps us fight back with stress and anxiety that is getting common in the youth, middle age group, and professionals. Sports have therapeutic effects for people suffering from depression and migraine.

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