Who Do You Converse With?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Who do you give your attention and energy to on a consistent basis?

You attract more of who you choose to converse with persistently.

If life seems to be a struggle, stressful or annoying relationships-wise, your social choices lay the foundation for this mild or wild state of chaos.

I regularly:

  • get pitched opportunities
  • observe social media gossip

Less frequently, I read snarky or negative comments related to my content or any content online, for that matter.

I used to reply to as many humans as physically possible without asking…..why?

But current day me replies to love and ignores fear because where your attention and energy goes, grows. I do not engage fear even if someone publishes a negative review in response to anything I publish or self-publish. Why? I converse with love. I do not converse with fear.

Odd business platitudes in the Western world seem centered on making customers happy no matter what. But what if the customer will never be happy no matter what you say? What if the customer offers an inaccurate assessment of your blog, product or service based on their fear-venom, not based on a genuine, honest observation of your offering?

Conversing with negative energies allows increased negative energies into your life. Conversing with positive energies brings positive energies into your life. I simply check the “delete all” button by default on scanning emails, these days. I then quickly scan for a few serious, genuine connections and delete all else. Give your attention solely to high energies to experience greater fun, freedom and happiness. Starve all other energies to eradicate the lower energies from your life.

Beware engaging someone from drivers of:

  • fear
  • guilt
  • loss

People tend to operate from fear. Acting because you fear some outcome produces a negative outcome in some way, shape or form. During older days I spent hours replying to bloggers who demanded that I place their $5 sponsored posts on my blog. I could have spent every one of those hours writing and publishing guest posts on authority blogs.

I did eventually learn my lesson. Now I engage higher energies to release lower energies. Live the mantra: where your attention and energy goes, grows. Unclear people gladly add a lack of clarity to your experience if you converse with these folks. But ignoring unclear folks allows clear folks to make a beeline for you.

The online world gifted you and I the potential for engaging solely high energy folks and releasing low energy folks by refusing to converse with this crowd quite easily. Engaging online is vastly different than conversing offline. You owe negative people nothing. Give that truth some thought. Most people operate from guilt. The general public often responds to negativity from some sense of guilt or react from some sense of anger. Few are the folks who let go lower energies with:

  • clarity
  • confidence
  • posture
  • non-resistance

I sometimes re-read old negative reviews published in response to my eBooks to see how I have grown mentally over the years. I originally intended to fight critics from fear manifest as a lack of clarity in my mind. Embarrassment followed. Shame cascaded over my being. I felt like a fraud. But I had to face, feel and release these emotions to allow criticism to flow off of my being like water off of a duck's rump.

Engage higher energies.

Starve the lower energies.

Promote your peace of mind.


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Ryan Biddulph

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