What Few Humans Realize About the World

by Ryan Biddulph

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As of this post publish date, most of the 7 billion human beings will claim that the world has been chaotic, insane and flat out mad for the prior few years.

Unless you spent the prior few years in a cave you know exactly what I am talking about.

But few human beings understand that the world has been insane for a long time. Why? The illusion of fear long suppressed created an insane, mad world of the ego calling the shots BUT no mass global events triggered the deep, pulsating fears of humanity for quite a while. People were always kinda nuts but buried the fear, madness and insanity to create an illusion of normalcy. The illusion shattered the moment events seemingly forced humans to face their long deeply buried fears.

Case in point; both you and I are unlimited minds appearing to be housed in a human body for a bit. But most people use the gift of an unlimited mind primarily to meet survival needs. Does that sound insane? Does that sound mad? Of course survival mode living seems normal. Most people live deeply in fear. Living deeply in fear means giving your gift of an unlimited mind capable of achieving anything away, only to replace this potentially blissful existence for working a depressing job for 40 years in order to survive.

The world has been mad for a long time!

But relatively recent events FINALLY mass triggered deep fears in the ego that most humans did not wish to deal with. Now humanity gets to see its fears, front and center. The fears, control mechanisms and manipulative structures are actually so strong that if I mentioned a certain keyword in this post related to a certain dominant news cycle story, the post would likely be banned from Google or censored in some way on Facebook and Twitter…..even in the good old, free, USA. Doesn't that make you think even a little bit?

The world has been mad for a long time but the ego buried fears deep to create the illusions of normalcy, order and life how it should be.

Right now, most minds are insane enough with fear that folks just want to get back to normal; but the normal life of the past was simply deeply suppressed fear burying the chaos, madness and wildness that will freely surface again during the next triggering global event.

Stop pining for madness.

Begin diving deeper into the fear in your mind. Clear the illusion. See clearly.

You and I are engineered to be truly helpful and to achieve virtually anything for the good of all. How the mind can behave when strengthened with love, peace and forgiveness astounds a slowly awakening humanity. Events needed to unfold as circumstances progressed to mass trigger deep fears for humanity to face, feel and release, preceding our next stage of collective evolution.

The world has been mad for a long, long time but the fear seemed deeply buried. Now you and I get to explore each intimately personal fear through news that forces all to feel the fears of death, dis-ease and discomfort unlike few times during human civilization.

Do not desire a return to a life of silent desperation. Face, feel and release fears in your mind now to help yourself proceed from a clear-thinking perspective of increasing potential. You are mind. Clearing fears from your mind opens infinite possibilities around you. 14 years ago, I did not know what a blog was. The last time I wrote anything online or offline was 14 years prior, in college. But by facing, feeling and clearing fears in my mind I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks. I also wrote 1000's and 1000's of blog posts and guest posts.

The body is a mere puppet within the grips of the mind.

Step out of madness.

Step into who you really are.

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