Think Deeply Before Acting without Thinking

by Ryan Biddulph

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I approve some folks on social media here and there to:

  • connect with humanity
  • bond with potential friends
  • find blog post topics 🙂

Reaching out to connect is part of life. Friends come and go. Some wish to use you. Others intend to love and help you.

I formerly rued friend approval sessions. Fear clouded my mind. I intended to separate myself from humanity versus facing fears in the mind. But as my awareness expands I happily reach out a bit more to see the spice of variety that is life.

Anyway, I approved a few friend requests on Facebook moments ago. Some people asked me where I am from. Others asked me if I needed a guest posting service. I told a few how I felt good but the individuals asked me again how I felt. I love humanity. But most humans do not think. Most humans REALLY do not think deeply. People usually act without deliberately, mindfully thinking about interacting with fellow human beings.

Guys; I love you. I share to help you dissolve problems. Being happy means facing, owning and releasing destructive thought patterns and habits causing unhappiness. The individuals above reacted to my friend approval without deeply thinking. One potential buddy asked me asked me where I am from. But the person easily finds the answer by checking out my blog. 5 seconds of deep thinking would have generated the thought in this person's mind:

“Hmmm….I am reaching out to request this person to be my friend yet I do not even know or care where the individual is from? Do I really care about him being my friend? Does a great first impression in reaching out to someone I allegedly want to befriend consist of asking the individual where he's from AFTER requesting his friendship? Maybe I should spend 5 seconds reading his blog to find out where he is from, Yeah….I'll do that because a friend would do that and I asked the guy to be my friend.”

The blogger who asked me if I needed a guest post service suffers from a sleeping mind. His mind is not awake, alert and deeply thinking. If he thought deeply he would find out through a 10 second blog visit or a few seconds of scanning my wall that I have placed 1000's upon 1000's upon 1000's of guest posts. Placing 3000-5000 guest posts indicates no, I do not need a guest posting service. Besides; what type of individual asks to be your genuine friend, sends you a request to be a friend and follows up with not warm words or kindness, but a pitch to be dollar signs. People who see me as dollar signs do not think. People who do not think – let alone think deeply – react mindlessly and never become my friend. I love them still but we will not connect because I am a human being, not a business bottom line.

As for how I am, I appreciate the ask but also know that I already indicated how I was. Thinking deeply about my initial reply would indicate; you do not need to ask the question again.

I write this post to help you:

  • think deeply
  • learn the skill of making friends
  • master outreach
  • improve the quality of your friendships
  • improve the quality of your life

I love you guys. Part of loving someone consists of telling someone the truth in clear, direct fashion.


About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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