How Often Do You Clearly Hear Your Intuition?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I drove for 8 hours from North Carolina to Pennsylvania yesterday.

An 18-wheeler drove by during a portion of our trip in rural Virginia.

I immediately heard my intuition telegram a thought-feeling to my mind: “Slow down and trail this guy by about 10 car lengths because his tire will blow out very soon.”

I immediately reported the intuitive message to my wife. She remained silent for a few moments. Approximately 20 seconds after receiving this intuitive guidance one wheel on the truck's box completely blew out. Burnt rubber shredded into a collection of thin and thick shreds, littering the highway some 10-30 feet behind the truck.

Avoiding each shred became easy but only because I clearly heard my intuition. Imagine if I ignored the voice due to some ego ranting, whining or distracting? At the very least, I would have run over a few tire shreds, causing intense anxiety. But experiencing a wicked accident if trying to evade the shreds or if a few hit my dashboard was not entirely out of the question.

How often do you clearly hear your intuition? Few people listen to the perfect voice. The ego wants to call the shots. Monkey mind believes it has the chaotic answers to all pressing questions. However, only a relatively still, calm mind understands the intuition perfectly.

Yesterday was a powerful example of how hearing and completely trusting in the perfect voice makes life easier. The intuition is never wrong. This voice feels uncomfortable to trust sometimes but always leads you in a freeing direction. At other times, the ego appears to outshout the intuition but only because you practice listening to one voice and ignoring the other voice.

I clearly heard the intuition as if someone spoke directly into my ears. The blow out would happen; the only debatable element of the experience seemed to be the time factor. But I quickly felt the tire would blow out to shreds within a few seconds. True to form, the burnt rubber smell and tire strips entered into the ethers no more than 20 seconds after hearing the intuition guide me to immediately pull back from the truck.

Spend time in quiet. Practice listening to the small, still voice. Practice ignoring the loud, obnoxious voice. The ego is imperfect because it honors fear. The intuition is perfect because it honors love. Do you trust fear or love? How has listening to fear punished you? How has listening to love rewarded you?

Recognizing the intuition and how trusting this voice helped you develops faith in the inner pull you and I can access at any time. People treat the intuition as if it shows up as frequently as Haley's Comet. However, this voice works at all times in all places if you develop the skill of hearing perfect internal guidance and ignoring imperfect ego guidance based on fear.

Grab a pen and paper. List the last 3 times you heard and honored intuitive voices. Review the prior few months to jog your intuitive memory. Span a few years if you struggle to recall listening to this small, still voice. Believe in the intuition. Remember how trusting this guidance helped you in the past. People trust the intuition by recalling its inherent power and by picturing how the quiet voice steered you toward greater fun, freedom and peace of mind.

The intuition always knows. Learn how to trust this perfect voice to improve the quality of your life.

Even if listening to your intuition leads to making uncomfortable choices you will always free yourself by hearing this small, still voice.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

  1. Good to read about your experience with intuition , Ryan, your inner . Many do not hear or trust it. My life is guided by intuition long time. It also makes fearless and keeps happy.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

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