Do You Dream Often or Distract Yourself?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I drove 8 hours from North Carolina to Pennsylvania today.

After settling in to a cottage for the evening I wrote and published a blog post. Minus doing yoga, walking around for a few moments and eating dinner, I blogged since the moment I arrived. Why? I dream a lot. I also catch myself fairly quickly the moment I begin distracting myself.

Dreaming often is the way to leave distractions in the rear view mirror. Observe humanity listlessly staring at phone screens. People distract themselves because people do not dream happy dreams routinely. I distracted myself quite often in the past. Life seemed to be getting a job, paying bills, enjoying some gym time daily and a few moments of leisure for myself on the weekends. Life became one big, old distraction for me. I lived in survival mode. I did not dream happy dreams and definitely did not dream happy dreams often.

Thinking about a happy, fun and freeing dream life a few times daily gradually influenced me to cease my vicious cycle of distraction. I canceled cable. I got rid of my television. I slowly began being the person who would eventually live a dream life of circling the globe through blogging.

Do not get it twisted; I suffered bumps, bruises and plenty of ego-lashings along the way. But dreaming my life of globe-trotting a few times every single day migrated my being from distracting self with pointless, useless activities to being truly helpful for other human beings. I stopped staring aimlessly at my phone. Nor did I spend hours BSing on weekends. I replaced distracting activities with activities consistent with a frequent dreamer.

Picture Jeff Bezos 25 years ago. Did he distract himself with a job, gossip and other activities? He dreamed a dream known as Amazon. He dreamed often. Bezos developed a vision for his dream life. He dreamed something way bigger than himself. Organically, he lived a life of purpose based on his happy dream. Evidence of his dream and being the person he dreamed up graces planet earth quite generously. Most humans know Amazon. Actually, more humans likely know Amazon than know about the Amazon jungle.

Dream big dreams. Do not hold back. Dreaming big, happy dreams pulls you outside of your comfort zone. Set aside 20 minutes after reading this blog post. Find a quiet spot. Allow your intuition to build a vision of your fun, freeing dream life. Play around with the vision. Let fun emotions course through your being. Imagine the specific feelings of living your dreams. Follow this practice 2-3 times every single day. Do it. The penalty for not dreaming is distracting yourself with pointless activities. Observe how people stare at rectangular screens for hours daily without any fun, freeing, clear purpose. People waste time for fear of spending time freeing themselves and freeing others.

Beware; most people in your life can seem to distract themselves to the point of where it becomes normal to spend 2-3 hours watching television or online streaming each night. Dreaming big dreams a few times daily organically facilitates the process of letting these folks go. Dreamers lose any urge to stay in touch with serial distractors. How can someone who dreams big dreams of circling the globe give even 5 minutes to gossiping about the lamest, most worthless reality show?

At the end of your life, do you want to be well-versed in television trash or would you rather have fun, free yourself, be of genuine service and live your dreams?

Be a frequent dreamer.

Do not be a serial distractor.


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