3 Lessons I Learned by Mass Approving Friends on Facebook

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For whatever reason, I began receiving hundreds upon hundreds of friend requests daily on Facebook a few days ago.

My intuition told me to mass approve hundreds of people based on:

  • feeling connected
  • joining with like-minded people
  • facing fears related to letting go people looking for money, love in all the wrong places and business

I learned these 3 lessons.

Organic Reach Skyrockets the Split Second You Mass Approve Friends

MOST people I approved resonate with me and simply want to befriend me and learn from me.

Friends who like my content:

  • Like my updates
  • comment on my posts

My organic reach jumped roughly 10,000% overnight. Awesome. I also DMed folks to bond quite a bit.

Allowing in a large number of people who want to connect with you immediately raises your profile on Facebook.

Traffic and business potential multiplies as you befriend more folks keenly interested in what you do.

Potential Lovers Will React with Contempt

I use this term tongue n' cheek style: Kelli and I have been together for 14 years and married for 6 years. We are one.

But mass approving friends also means some women not looking for friendship but a romantic relationship will be:

  • dishonest
  • awkward
  • angry after being told that I am married
  • hurt
  • feeling rejected on being told the truth

I have compassion for these women but also know that fear makes you do odd things. Imagine befriending someone married then being angry at them for not replying to women quickly enough, calling them a fool for revealing that they are married and other flat out bizarre interactions. In only 2 days, I have seen some doozies.

I release all of these human beings with love but move on fast.

Most Want Friendship Some Want a Bank

Most friends I approved simply want to be my friend. Most seem interested in me and NOT in what I can do for them.

Some new Facebook friends want a bank. In essence, the new friends struggle financially and ask me for money for quite worthy causes. Unfortunately for them I am not a bank so I quickly move on and simply bless these individuals.

However, I am currently reserving the need to completely cut anyone off because women romantically interested in me, folks from overseas looking for donations and less clear entrepreneurs who want my business are awesome folks vibing a bit too much from fear. I love them all. I respect them all. I see similarities in what we do now and I also know what it feels like to feel lonely, and lacking financially.

Being more well known gives you a rich range of emotions to explore. I predominantly feel awesome about all interactions – even the fear-based stuff – but also know that everyone is basically reflecting my mind back to me. I simply intend to keep helping more people who open up to help and to allow everyone else to migrate out of our experience because as you grow you let go.

I also feel like the intuition had been grooming me for these Facebook Floodgates of Friend Requests for a long time but I deeply feared being:

  • truly helpful for a bigger group of people
  • criticized by scared, angry or unhappy folks in the moment
  • pitched by charities and business owners

Alas, after hundreds of new buddies flowing my way I simply feel good about helping who I can, making new friends and moving forward from a forgiving perspective.

I also realize that one needs to keep churning out new blog posts and guest posts before spending too much time breaking hearts!

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