1 Surprising Lesson About Money Success

by Ryan Biddulph

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Thank goodness I went completely broke during my business career.

I faced about the deepest fears humans can face; some theorize that the fear of poverty seems stronger or as strong as the fear of death in many people. If that idea sounds crazy simply observe most of the 7 billion human beings either:

  • living in poverty, resisting the fear and suffering in misery
  • devoting 40 years of their lives to living in survival mode to avoid going broke and to avoid facing fears triggered when you go broke

Do you see what I mean?

Money success often grows out of:

  • losing all of your money
  • facing, feeling and releasing your deepest poverty-related fears including the fears of starving, being homeless and being sued or imprisoned
  • facing, feeling and releasing your deepest shame, embarrassment and mortification

Most people seem shocked at the idea that going broke can promote prosperity. People generally think rich folks grew up in rich families. But studying wealth often indicates that prospering people succeeded because they faced, felt and released all money-related fears crippling humanity, by going broke. Letting go these fears allows you to be the person who becomes exceedingly wealthy. Prospering people also benefit by not carrying around heavy feelings of shame, embarrassment and self-conscious issues related to money; harboring these emotions for years can be a real drag.

Money is not the root of happiness but facing, feeling and releasing money fears promotes a sense of happiness in your being. I've been 70 G's in debt, went bankrupt, had creditors and collection agencies threaten me with lawsuits and the IRS and I have had an interesting, less conventional, relationship. Wading into emotions triggered during each experience allowed terror, horror, guilt, grief, rage and depression surface in my being for me to feel and release.

Thank goodness I went broke! Imagine if I spent the first 46 years of my life carrying around each one of those emotions? NOT going broke pretty much guaranteed I'd:

  • work a job covering my survival needs
  • be depressed
  • be angry
  • feel hopeless
  • retire at 65
  • enjoy a decade or 2 of retirement in an old, broken down, 65 year old body

Following the common human path is not good or bad. Nor is following the common human path right or wrong. But honestly observing the common human path reveals most folks live their entire lives being deeply burdened by money fears. Going broke brings the money fears front and center. Either you feel the fears to be the person who gains wealth or you resist the fears to be broke (or to live in survival mode) for as long as you fight, bury and resist the fears.

Do Not Seek Broke-Ness

Never seek poverty, failure or any fear-based experience because you and I can succeed quite nicely without needing to go broke.

I intend to help you prosper by alerting you to the fact that a decent chunk of wealthy folks became wealthy by facing, feeling and releasing poverty induced fears. Simply observe titans who experience $100 million to $200 million operating losses during their first few years (Jeff Bezos) or who chose not to monetize a website with millions of subscribers (Mark Zuckerberg) to know that these guys did not fear going broke, feeling ashamed or feeling embarrassed in money matters.

Meanwhile, most of humanity lives so deeply in the terror of poverty that they fear owing $50 on their credit card this month.

Thank goodness I went broke. I have been able to circle the globe as a pro blogger only because I faced, felt and released deep fears that allowed me to be:

  • generous
  • patient
  • persistent
  • trusting

even as bank accounts rose and dried out a few times.

Seek success. But if you do go broke simply face, feel and release deep fears to BE the person who prospers.


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