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Over the past 2 days hundreds upon hundreds of people are friend requesting me on Facebook.

I checked my tab a few moments ago; people are requesting me every 1-2 minutes sometimes.

Does this make sense logically? Absolutely not. I cannot work out why 100 to 200 or more people started friend requesting me daily beginning yesterday.

One individual told me that Facebook suggested me as a person to know. But why would Facebook do that? Logically, I see no obvious reason for the suggestion or people every 1-2 minutes wanting to befriend me.

I listened closely to my intuition on observing this tidal wave of friend requests beginning yesterday. My ego questioned the wave. My ego also goaded me to exercise caution regarding the wave. My ego feared some negative outcome sprouting from hundreds of people wishing to befriend me on Facebook.

My intuition told me: approve them all until they stop showing up or until you reach the 5000 friend threshold.

My intuition also told me to work my Ryan Biddulph Facebook Page to handle friend request overflow if we hit the 5K number quickly.

Seize and accept one important point about following the intuition: the intuition always knows the best way for you and for humanity even if the voice doesn’t make sense or feels highly uncomfortable to trust.

Enlightened beings ONLY listen to the intuition because enlightened beings know that the small, still voice knows the way. But most folks trust the ego over intuitive nudges. The ego knows how to use fear, separation and force to benefit you and perhaps a few more folks. The intuition knows how to best help you by best helping everyone through guidance offered to you.

I feel a bit uneasy now. Even though I love bonding with new friends I hear my ego complain:

  • Slow down
  • Put up walls
  • Do not let everyone in
  • You will have to help so many more folks if you befriend more folks

But my intuition tells me:

  • Keep approving friends
  • Chat with friends to be a bright light in their lives
  • Help this increasing number of friends
  • Get used to it pal; onward and upward from here

Intuitive guidance usually makes little sense to the ego. Opening the floodgates feels overwhelming to ego because ego loves comfort, familiarity and the way things used to be in the past. But the ego only knows fear, separation and the misery of closed-mindedness. 

Listen to your intuition. Happiness flows by following intuitive nudges, even if honoring these inner pulls feels scary, uncomfortable or flat out overwhelming. The intuition always knows the way to:

  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Prosperity
  • Wholeness
  • Genuine service for all

The most uncomfortable aspect of the Facebook Friend Floodgate being opened is this: I am genuinely not trying to make friends with 200-300 or more people daily. I’m just doing my best to be truly helpful. Seeing friends flow easily to me feels odd but I am slowly but surely learning that honoring the intuition may feel scary but always leads to greater ease in terms of connecting humans for some higher energy purpose, some loving cause and some strong desire to add happiness to all of our lives.

Trust your intuition even if following this voice feels uncomfortable.

It knows best how to lead you and all toward greater freedom, happiness and peace.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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