Why Trying to Force Someone to See Your View Does Not Work

by Ryan Biddulph

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Humanity largely seems to be a collection of sleeping minds dominated by fear.

Evidence; look around you to observe how most humans behave.

Trying to force a sleeping mind to see a possibly more enlightened perspective:

  • reflects your fears back to you; manipulation, coercion and force are all fear manifest
  • attempts to wake a deep sleeper with a shove, a poke and a violent prod completely agitating the sleeping party

My wife sleeps deeply.

I gently tap her hand with the most deft of touches if I need to wake her to catch a flight. Otherwise, I allow her to sleep deeply.

I would be an utter fool to shake her violently as a means of rousing my wife wide awake from a deep sleep. She would either yell at me, push me out of the way or perhaps she'd even slap my face mildly. Guess what? I'd deserve a good slap! Why? I did the foolish thing of trying to wake a deep sleeper with a violent rousing. Her violent response would mirror my fear manifest as force right back at me.

For odd reasons, some well-meaning but scared minds try to shock the deeply sleeping mind of humanity by attempting to force them to see life from a more awake, enlightened, clear-thinking perspective. Good luck with that! Humanity – with its predominant sleeping mind – largely snaps back viciously, similar to a deep sleeper enraged with being poked and prodded by an unwise individual.

Consider how I wake my deep sleeping wife; use a gentle, barely detectable, deft touch to allow humanity to awake via a seamless organic process. She slowly shakes the cobwebs to wake up. Humanity mentally, organically, slowly shakes its mind cobwebs of fear to awaken to truth but only if you gently share a freeing, empowered message from a trusting, detached perspective.

I write and publish guest posts for Personal Growth Channel to gently allow personal growth oriented people to steadily awaken from a deep slumber in some cases, or to let the largely awakened to see even more clearly. I would never attempt to force these freeing perspectives to the gen pop because most would lash out, angry and upset, at a freeing perspective that shocks them out of a deep mental sleep. As we recalled from the movie Gremlins: Bright light, bight light!

People wake up when they are darn well ready. Let them honor their own wake-up call.

Be gentle. Share freeing truths from love and detachment. Trying to force someone to see your view does not work because rousing a sleeping dragon with a crossbow leads to a fiery death, not a calm conversion.

Let people wake on their own time in their own way. Share your truth with like-minded folks. Allow yourself and the more awakened crowd to spread the word slowly, steadily and generously. Allow those in a deep mental sleep to awaken in their own way, on their own schedule.

Perhaps a mild nudge in the right moment feels appropriate but on the whole, let people be.

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