Why Should You REALLY Live and Let Live?

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Most people have heard of the wisdom talisman:

“Live and let live.”

But few human minds REALLY embody, apply and LIVE the concept from practical, real world application.

One reason why my wife and I get along so well despite facing deep fears associated with:

  • circling the globe
  • building online businesses

for 10 plus years is that we almost completely embody the live and let live wisdom with ourselves and other human beings.


We both know how virtually all:

  • fear
  • suffering
  • guilt
  • grief
  • madness

sprouts from attempting to force, manipulate or coerce other human bodies into doing your will.

Government, politics, medicine and the world in general flashes moments of a live and let live mentality but beyond fleeting glimpses, each structure rests almost COMPLETELY on the insane, fear-filled, mad belief of:

“Live a little bit but you better do what we advise or else something bad will happen to you, or we will punish you.”

If you need 100%, iron-clad proof of this truth, watch the news for 30 minutes. Virtually every news story is:

“These people are afraid so everyone needs to do what these scared people want you to do, or these fear-filled violent people need to be killed or jailed, or these people need to be punished for not doing what they needed to do to be a slave to the fears of mass humanity.”

In essence, the world is mad because most egos do not even live their lives, being fear-filled, then try to manipulate, coerce and flat out force other humans into selfishly doing what allows the scared people to avoid their deepest fears. Pick your headline. Observe the “I am scared and not living my life to the fullest so you better do this to allow me to remain afraid, controlled, manipulated and subjugated.”

However, for the few minds who face fear, living and allowing others to live as they live:

  • peaceful
  • serene
  • relaxed
  • calm
  • fulfilling


I genuinely cannot remember the last time I deeply desired another human to do my will for my own selfish interests, solely because I chose to live my life by facing my fears. Since I chose to live my life I allow other people to live their lives how they see fit. This is real love in action; setting people free by letting them live how they want to live.

Of course, the world as we know it seems showered in fear manifest as guilt, loss and general suffering. What the world deems love is often selfish, conditional fear based on doling out temporary affection and care only because a husband, wife or child does what your fears what the individual to do. Trying to control or coerce others is:

  • fear
  • selfishness
  • not love

Scared, selfish, unloving people attempt to mask their fears, selfishness and lack of love through each common narrative spoken by singular humans and government alike:

  • we're doing this for your own good
  • we're doing this because it is dangerous out there and forcing you to do this will keep you safe
  • I'm forcing you to do this to save you
  • I'm forcing you to do this because I know you need it

Every human being has the basic freedom to live and die as they choose. One aunt and uncle on my mom's side chose to end their own life. Since I live my life to the fullest and choose to face fears in my mind, even though I felt sad after these rough events, I know each relative had every right to do what they did solely because I allow 7 billion humans live their lives. These are 2 extreme examples of allowing people to live as they live and to die as they choose to die.

Let other people live their lives by facing your fears and living your life. Even if others trigger fear, pain, suffering and anger in your mind, train yourself to both be with your feelings and to understand that the true definition of love is in letting go humanity to experience itself in its own way.

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