What Is the Biggest Problem with Not Strengthening Your Mind?

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The ego does strange things to avoid fear.

Refusing to face fear weakens your mind. Weakening your mind is similar to not strengthening your mind. Similar to someone who avoids exercise, not strengthening the mind or body leads to sickness, dis-ease and eventual misery.

Imagine someone who never exercises for 60 years. The body gets dis-eased, falls apart and dies, sooner than later. Picture someone who never strengthens the mind through practices like meditating, observing thoughts and feelings and facing fear. The mind gets dis-eased, falls apart and although the mind cannot die the body gets dis-eased, falls apart and dies. But the biggest problem with refusing to strengthen your mind is not really death, but the avoidance of life and living.

Weak-minded people often completely avoid living, and life, for a fear of death. Weak-minded individuals never chase their dreams because chasing dreams is deemed to be dangerous. Making things even more odd, weak minds place full faith in things and no faith in the mind, its infinite power and the infinite power of minds working together toward one collective end.

Do not take my use of the phrase weak-mind people to be pejorative, nasty or insulting. I use the term to explain someone who does not:

  • exercise their mind
  • think
  • face fears
  • meditate
  • practice long periods of mind observation

Weak minds believe anything confirming their worst fears and believe in any thing over:

  • mind power
  • love
  • unity
  • one-ness
  • health
  • wealth
  • wellness

If you believe in a thing you give complete mental and physical power you own to a thing. Does that sound like a fair trade? Does that sound intelligent? Do you really want to forfeit your infinite mind power to a thing like money, or a pill, or a tonic, when the mind can achieve anything, if properly trained?

Weak minds forfeit freedom for protection against a fear that will never go away until the mind faces the fear.

Imagine someone who does not leave their house for 12 months for fear of getting sick and dying. The person refuses to leave the house not because of anything OUTSIDE of the house but because of fear IN THEIR MIND. Strong-minded people who train their mental muscle for hours daily go virtually anywhere and do anything versus fearing dis-ease and death, not because of some thing or some condition but because the strong-minded do not fear living or death, in their mind.

Please re-read the prior sentence. Strong-minded individuals do not fear living a rich, free life but equally do not fear dying because strong minds see death as a door, not a brick wall collapsing into a black hole.

Strengthen your mind. Going within to see your mind as it is feels scary because seeing self truthfully entails facing deep fears from time to time. Either you face fear to strengthen the mind or you refuse to face fear, skip strengthening your mind and oodles of problems surface as you develop deeper faith in transitory things and less faith in your limitless mind.

Go deeper and deeper into your mind even if doing so scares you. Being liberated by strengthening your mind is worth some temporary discomfort. But get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Building a powerful mind involves feeling discomfort similar to pains suffered by working out your body. Think about healing more frequently from the inside out. Think even more about not relying on transitory things to give you a shred of faith.

Things have their place in the human experience as potential communication devices but focus on your mind as the source of your power, freedom and happiness. As within, so without.

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“Only the shallow man loses responsiveness to the woes of other’s lives, as he sinks into narrow suffering of his own. The one who practices a scalpel of self-dissection will know an expansion of universal pity. Release is given him from the deafening demands of his ego. The love of God flowers on such soil.”

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