What Anchors from the Past Hold You Back?

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The ego tends to cling to anchors from the past preventing forward movement. Worn out bonds often form some of the heaviest, most confining anchors keeping people firmly planted in the past.

Think about your current friends. How many of these people deeply love, respect and resonate with you? How many of your current day friends became your friends based on a far different version of you, being the reflection of your mind, at the time?

People who grow mentally by digging deeper into the mind sometimes befriend folks at earlier stages in life who resonate in fear. Both parties become friends based on mindsets dominated by fear. But as you decide to face fear in your mind other people decide not to face fear in their mind. What happens? You grow but your friends do not grow. You live more fearless but your friends live more in fear. However, because of your fears concerning loss, criticism and rejection, you cling to current friends who no longer resonate with you.

Clinging to non-resonant bonds forms anchors from the past holding you back. Holding yourself back prevents your happiness, growth, peace of mind and freedom. Imagine if you fear moving on from or ceasing communication with someone you do not vibe with. Perhaps you can continue being friends even if you disagree on politics or religion, two seeming push button issues. Emotionally intelligent you disagrees with a friend but loves and respects the individual. But your friend – who never faced many deep fears in their mind – judges you, debates you, argues with you or even ceases communication with you because they withhold love from you, based on their primordial mental development.

Either you hold onto someone less mentally developed to arrest your growth, because where your attention and energy goes, grows, or you release lesser developed folks to grow quickly. Everything depends on you and your personal choices.

People who frequently judge, demean or demonize you consciously choose to withhold love from you. Why would you want these people in your life? Why would you count them as friends? Perhaps you became friends based on a more mutually selfish relationship or you befriended one another through some family association, versus genuine, loving resonance. But that was then and this is now. Now may be far different than back then.

Release anyone who habitually withholds love from you to allow in people who show love to you. Minds change. Someone who loved you for a long time may resist facing fears in mind. Burying, ducking or dodging the fear makes the fear grow stronger. Sharing genuine thoughts that seem to trigger their deep fears scares these individuals into projecting their fear onto you through harsh judgment, criticism and scorn. Do you want scared, unhappy people who want to take their fear out on you versus respecting and loving you, to keep being your friend?

Let go anchors to the past. Human relationships losing resonance reach a certain shelf life the moment love, respect and harmony morphs into fear, disrespect and resistance. Sometimes, fear, disrespect and resistance sat buried beneath a facade of false resonance for years. The moment you release anchors you move directly into the present moment with all of its power. Genuinely amazing things happen in the now but only if you let go non-resonant friendships you've outgrown long ago.

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