Leveling Up Introduces Greater Resistance

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One fabulous aspect of living your dreams is freeing yourself through the process.

One uncomfortable aspect of living your dreams is facing greater resistance through the process.

Even though life gets easier in many regards the levels of resistance feel quite stiff, here and there, through growth.

Do you intend to level up? Most claim to desire leveling up but deeply fear facing stronger obstacles, deeper fears and more intimidating resistance. Observing even ideas representing these energies seems frightening. But leveling up is the way to face stiffer resistance and to live your dreams.

For example, I have circled the globe for 10 years and also built a business online for 14 years. Each activity feels fun, freeing and quite enjoyable most of the time. But as I level up I face greater resistance in various forms. Tonight I felt strong exhaustion, passed out while watching streaming online and walked up to bed. But I could not fall asleep in bed as discomfort assaulted my being. Intense stiffness in my neck feels agitating to the point of overwhelm. My tense, tender neck and shoulders feel terrible now but par for the course because leveling up introduces greater resistance.

Prepare yourself for stronger resistance to arise through all of the ego's dirty tricks of the trade. Bodily sickness is one sickness. Body sickness tries to derail me routinely any time I level up. Stomach problems, back problems, neck problems and other experiences try to slow me down. But right now I proceed by feeling fears fueling strong resistance. I have no other choice; leveling up is my life. My dreams have expanded too much to turn around. I have gone too far. I can only move forward to level up because any other decision feels like a step toward comfort, regression and even a little bit like death.

Be prepared to face a new level of problem the moment you achieve more, reach further and simply grow at an exponential rate. 14 years ago I slammed into resistance after reaching 300 words for a blog post. Today I may face resistance after writing 3000 words. Level up to see a new level of problem. But do not fear facing higher level problems. Fear NOT facing higher level problems.

People fear facing resistance but should feel quite terrified at not facing deeper resistance because if you do not really live you will die quite sooner than later. Once you stop any and all attempts at growth, death accelerates because you will have given a signal to the body; it has outlived its usefulness. Observe any person who decides to stop growing. In most cases, the individual does almost nothing save covering their own survival needs and perhaps distracting themselves with TV in an almost completely resistance-free environment. Perhaps life seems seamless but death awaits quite soon because once you completely duck resistance you avoid growth. Once you avoid growth you avoid life.

People in this lot get sick and die. Be afraid if life is a pure cakewalk of comfort solely because only enlightened beings feel comfortable at all times. The rest of us feel quite uncomfortable as we level up to face greater resistance.

Conquering stronger resistance after leveling up allows grander dreams, greater freedom and more happiness to expand within your being. The upsides outweigh a temporary moment or two of discomfort. Accept this truth to be less afraid of facing tougher obstacles and more inviting of these resistant energies. Fun, freedom and happiness await after facing rough resistance. Level up. Conquer tougher obstacles. Learn. Adapt. Be truly helpful while living your dreams.

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