How Do Your Choices Now Reflect Loss?

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Full transparency; I stopped guest blogging on Personal Growth Channel mainly because I feared loss.

Although I blog about the blogging tips niche and appear to have only so much time to blog I also know the fear of loss goaded me to cease publishing guest posts here. I own my error but also know all unfolds at the perfect place in the perfect time. I am back. This is all that matters.

I make no promises concerning my guest posting schedule. Perhaps I will guest post weekly. Intuition will guide me. But being transparent about my fear of loss may nudge you to observe how your choices now reflect fear of loss.

As a rule, most human minds operate from some level of guilt. Think not of palpable, crippling guilt consistent with grieving, human death or divorce. Frame guilt as a heavy feeling of responsibility and/or regret or even a lighter sensation bleeding with “should's”. For example, my ego glanced at the 360 plus guest posts I published on Personal Growth Channel to unleash a general guilty trigger; I regretted not publishing straight through from January of 2021 until now, September of 2021. Imagine 8 months of guest posts. Theoretically, I could have published roughly 200-240 more guest posts during the time frame.

Quickly observing my mind revealed fear manifest as guilt. But the guilty-feeling emotion rooted itself in loss. At least concerning guest posting here, I largely made a choice reflecting loss save guest posting a scant few times. I decided to forgive myself a few moments ago of the loss to publish this guest post. Going forward, I intend to do my best in spotting and letting go loss-based choices because if you choose based on some loss in mind you rob self and others of opportunities for:

  • freedom
  • peace
  • fun
  • gain

Do you work a job because you love the job? Or do you work a job because you feel terrified to lose money and health benefits? Deciding to give 40 hours weekly for 40 years based on a loss-choice makes for a depressing chunk of life. The wise choice is facing fear of loss now to make a different choice now. Gradually unwinding loss-choices reveals gain-decisions. Deciding based on gain reveals that happiness-inducing jobs and businesses exist for you.

Fun jobs offering salaries and health benefits exist but only if you own loss-choices concerning the soul-sucking job you decided to work for paying bills and getting benefits. Loss exits on being noticed. Gain enters after loss exits.

I am experiencing a strong shift from working hard to being guided what to do in some respects because even though I have mainly blogged for fun over the past few years I still felt the sneaking suspicion of loss guiding decisions. Be honest with yourself. What decisions that you make now feel guided by some sense of loss in your life? What choices do you make because you feared missing out? What people do you socialize with because you fear losing relationships and being alone? Who do you put up with because you fear hurting someone's feelings, resulting in the loss of a dishonest, surface-level, fake relationship?

Train your mind to choose from gain. I spotted my mind gaining an opportunity to be helpful to you, a few moments before writing this post.

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