How Did You Unwind Today?

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Near the tail end of a 10 hour car ride yesterday I entered a tight curve with a large truck to my left.

Someone behind me beeped at me; I know not the reason.

A light surge of anger arose in my mind. Why did the person beep? The ego listed about 3 reasons. But I observed both reasons and anger feelings in mind without reacting verbally or in any other way. Of course, after he sped by me I flashed him the highs as he reached 1/4 mile in front of me. The ego demanded some odd payback.

Sitting with deciding to flash him the high beams and feeling anger arise gave me opportunities to unwind fear, anger, mild rage and a general sense of agitation I had been wound up with by the world. Back when I was an infant, no fear, anger, rage or annoyance had been wound into my mind. Love, peace and serenity dominated my mind, save survival fears for food and fluid, goading me to cry loudly when I needed sustenance.

But the world and its ego wound up my mind through:

  • words
  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • human action examples

Life becomes either an opportunity to be wound up more tightly through the ego and its illusions or to unwind by observing mind, to return to the calm, serene peaceful mind you are, by default.

I unwound yesterday by observing and feeling the fear that needed to be triggered at the end of a 10 hour drive. My mind largely felt serene, poised and relaxed save for a few agitating moments processing someone flying by me on I-95 doing 95 MPH in the right late. I unwound through those triggers, too, releasing fear to return to who I really am.

The Universe presents you with opportunities to gently unwind daily by observing how the mind reacts or responds to circumstances, How did you unwind today? Or did you become more tightly wound by resisting fear, burying fear or blaming someone else through projection? The ego wished to blame the guy for beeping at me for no reason at the end of a 10 hour drive but doing so would have wound me more tightly with fear. Winding myself more tightly would have caused my mind to react more viciously the next time someone did something the ego perceived to be dangerous, in my experience.

Feel fears without projecting to be unwound. Return to the natural state of mind: love. I chose to unwind by watching my mind frequently over the past year or so. Facing, feeling and releasing fears without projecting onto people, animals or events made for a largely calm, fun, peaceful ride, first in mind, then in a 10 hour experience. But if I chose not to unwind during the prior year I would have complained often, raged a bit at drivers and whined about feeling tired after a long, sometimes rainy and traffic-marred 10 hour drive.

Everything is in your mind. Either unwind today or wind yourself up. Either observe fear in mind to release fear through unwinding and be your naturally serene, loving self or wind up with fear to be more vicious.

I suggest unwinding. Watch, feel and release to be at peace.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

  • Good reminder Ryan. I feel myself becoming irrationally angry at little things that shouldn't be that big of a deal sometimes, usually my gauge that it's time to take a walk to unwind again.

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