Do You Routinely Think Your Thoughts?

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Ego tends to think lazily.

Thinking lazily involves accepting – aka thinking – other people's thoughts sans analysis, scrutiny or any form of mental vetting.

What happens if you think someone else's thoughts mired in:

  • fear?
  • poverty?
  • scarcity?

Fear, poverty and scarcity will dominate your mind if you think other's low energy thoughts. Scared minds project scared experiences.

Think your thoughts. Dig deep into your mind. Analyze thoughts and feelings buried in your mind. Observe thought patterns accepted from:

  • family
  • friends
  • the general public

Does thinking how your family, friends and general public think allow you to feel:

  • peaceful?
  • prospering?
  • serene?
  • helpful?

If not, begin to think your own thoughts by taking control of your mind. Analyze thoughts projected onto you via other minds to decide whether to accept the true, loving thoughts or to allow fearful, untrue thoughts to slide by like a mental projection on a cosmic conveyor belt.

I recall digging deeper into my mind a few decades ago. Someone told me I would always be an office worker. Accepting the thought in my mind influenced me to choose to be an office worker. I thought the thoughts of that ego-mind versus thinking my own thoughts regarding my life. Delving into my mind revealed an intuitive nudge to:

  • run a business
  • travel the world

because my happiest, most peaceful, prospering and helpful human journey involved each activity. I proceeded to think my own thoughts in each regard versus thinking employee and travel-averse thoughts projected onto my mind from someone who feared building a business and feared traveling.

Thinking your own thoughts requires in-depth, personal analysis of mind in the light of truth. My ego dislikes looking with because I tend to find small or big fears traipsing around in my mind, masquerading as limiting beliefs, attempting to rob my peace of mind. However, being with these fears in my mind moves the fears along. Feeling more fearless and loving feels good. Feeling good allows me to be helpful, for you. We both win but only because I take the uncomfortable but freeing journey into my mind.

Journey Within

Migrate within your mind to think your own thoughts.

Weed out thoughts blindly accepted from trusted sources solely because you were not aware of your mind at the time. Observe your mind honestly. Sit with your mind as it is. Gradually, allowing thoughts not your own to move on reveals your thoughts promoting your peace, serenity and helpfulness.

My recent inner pull to guest post here frequently began as a thought emerging from careful, deliberate analysis of my mind. Inner work feels messy but necessary as you journey inward because this reality emerges: you are your mind.

Life is mind. But accepting this truth reveals how incredibly powerful the mind is, altering events, ordering circumstances and molding your human experience around you.

You better make sure your thoughts are your thoughts to guarantee that you are living your most fun, freeing life.

Everything changes by changing your mind from other's blindly accepted thoughts to your fun, nurturing, peaceful thoughts. I instantly felt better a few days ago because choosing my thoughts in my mind influenced me to give sans expectation, via creating helpful content frequently. Giving is lasting happiness.

Think your thoughts to be free of the often corrupting, fear-filled thoughts of others readily projected onto you.

I recall reading in “Think and Grow Rich” that someone asked an individual why they belonged to a certain political party. The young person said his parents and prior generations were always members of the party. The wise man replied:

“Good thing your family wasn't horse thieves!”

Think for yourself!

Dig deeper into your mind to uncover your happiest, most helpful thoughts.

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