Why Bother to Change Someone’s Mind?

by Ryan Biddulph

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My wife and I chatted about an experience during our recent trip.

Someone fixed their mind regarding a situation. My wife and I could never change their mind for their:

  • rigidity
  • stubbornness
  • closed-minded attitude

We never bothered to change their mind because one never changes any mind outside of their control.

Have you considered life in this fashion? Do you understand how many years people waste desperately trying to change other people's minds? Unless you yield serious mind control you literally cannot change someone else's mind. Even enlightened beings refuse to control their fellow human's minds as advanced beings know free will avails itself to everyone.

However, unclear people fearing some specific outcome waste significant time and energy trying to change minds.

House Sitting Experiences

Roughly 95% of our house sitting experiences have been delightful.

My wife and I:

  • clean homes ruthlessly to create a museum-level of order and cleanliness for returning homeowners
  • treat pets with love, care and compassion

We have registered virtually all 5 star reviews after circling the globe as house sitters since 2014.

However, a few homeowners complained about our services. Being fully transparent means my wife and I had to own damaging a few dishes here and there. But each larger complaint bandied about concerning the general condition of each home in these rare cases were not true, accurate, honest assessments of the homes.

In one case, I was surprised at the dirty nature of the home on arriving. Rarely do we come across homeowners who show signs of neglect. But the same homeowner who left an unclean home complained about our cleaning service level of attention to detail when they returned home, even though we left the place far cleaner from what we saw when we arrived.

What could we do?

Could we change the mind of someone tuning into an alternate reality based on the fear in her mind?

Of course we had no power to:

  • manipulate
  • convince
  • coerce

her mind.

Fellow disgruntled homeowners unhappy with our services simply vanished from our experience when we mentally let them go. First you release any fear-need to control someone. From there, the person vanishes from your consciousness and physical experience.

But imagine if we deeply feared receiving a negative review? My wife and I would have done everything possible to change their mind. But I can virtually guarantee that the homeowner would still complain because rigid minds do not change.

Give People the Freedom to Think as They Wish

Stop trying to change minds. Allow people to exercise freedom of thought. Move on to connect with like-minded people. Enjoy a largely peaceful, serene, harmonious life.

House sitters on forums complain about various nightmarish scenarios involving homeowners. Minus a few uncomfortable experiences we've enjoyed harmonious homeowners. Even negative experiences faded away quickly because the homeowners refrained from publishing negative reviews. But negative reviews do not scare us because clear-thinking humans easily see our fully body of work.

We land house sits for months at a time in places like:

  • Fiji
  • Bali
  • Costa Rica
  • Turkey
  • Panama
  • Thailand
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Nicaragua
  • Cyprus

because we avoid drama induced from trying to control, convince, manipulate or coerce the minds of homeowners.

Why would you try to persuade one mind when millions of like-minded individuals await to meet you?

I spend little to no time disagreeing with anyone because getting clear mentally allows in people who largely agree with how I perceive life to be.

Fear in your mind scares you into trying to change other minds. But spotting this fool's errand goads you to feel the fear in your mind. Releasing the fear also releases urges to change other people's minds. Give humans the privilege of thinking how they wish to think.

Live and let live.

Connect with like-minded people who need no convincing.

The less you try to change other people's minds the more like-minded, agreeing parties find you.

Like-minded people disagree at times but do so in tactful fashion.

Connect with like-minded folks.

Allow resistant individuals to fade out of your human experience.

Stop trying to change people's minds.

Get clear on your life to connect with people who maintain a similar perspective.

Live in mental harmony, not a mental hell.

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