What Do Critics Genuinely Teach You?

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Maybe you want to skewer critics.

Perhaps you wish to surround yourself with an army of people to wage war on critics who reject you.

But critics teach you a most valuable lesson.

Every critic reveals that how they see the world is how they see themselves. Does that sound so bad? Do you still want to fight critics? Do critics seem evil now?

Critics project fear in mind reflecting views of self onto other humans via their burning criticism. Why would you feel bothered by how someone sees themselves, independent of you?

I vividly recall someone posting a negative review in response to one of my 100 plus eBooks. She did her best to pick apart my work. On scanning her review I realized 10 people Liked her review on Amazon. In all probability, 10 human beings Liked her negative review without:

  • buying the eBook
  • reading the eBook
  • formulating an opinion for themselves based on the purchase, read and weighing pros and cons of the eBook

Each critic throughout the terrible ten plus the initial negative reviewer taught me:

  • the person did not seem too happy with some aspect of their lives
  • the person projected their unhappy fears onto me via the negative review lobbed my way
  • how to avoid critical lobs from each negative reviewer by framing criticism as it really is, a projected, flawed view of self versus being a negative opinion of a fellow human being

I respect how everyone feels entitled to their opinion. But what does it say about an individual when someone lacks the:

  • emotional intelligence
  • tact
  • compassion
  • mindfulness
  • empathy

to swallow their dissatisfaction and move on without publishing a negative review?

Understanding the childish nature of complaining through negative reviews always reveals a pained person sporting some strong fears in mind but usually provides a glimpse into the mind of someone lacking love and screaming for attention. Why would someone devote:

  • time
  • attention
  • energy

to complain about someone or something in a public setting?

Do you believe in the concept of karma? Do you believe in the concept of cosmic justice? Whatever energy you project onto other human beings flows back to you similar to a boomerang.

Have you noticed no statue seems to be devoted to harsh critics?

Have you ever watched the show Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Curb is the creation of comedian Larry David. The show is basically a highly negative, critical man suffering the effects of cosmic justice through comedic circumstances as every one of his negative thoughts, words and actions flies back to him like a boomerang through:

  • people
  • situations
  • circumstances

His life becomes a nightmare because he makes life a nightmare for other human beings.

Pay close attention to the lesson critics teach you. Avoid their karmic boomerang. Let go negative reviewers and their reviews for seeing the criticism serving as an intimately personal analysis of self and life. Across the board, critical people design an unhappy, bound life which seems frequented by fellow critics, negative circumstances and overall misery.

We see the world as we see ourselves.

Own this truth to remove all personal sting from the idea of being criticized. For whatever reason held in the mind of critics, the object of their criticism reflects something uncomfortable back to them about themselves.

Imagine seeing a caring man who circles the globe as a pro blogger empowering fellow human beings to do the same by inspiring them to live their dreams. Would you trust:

  • him?
  • his eBook?
  • the high volume of 5 star reviews for the eBook?

Or would you trust a negative person who publishes a critical review of the eBook?

What fear, pain and suffering needs to be in your mind to come across the eBook and deeply trust 1 negative review from a critical, utter stranger and to distrust a decade of generous service, a loving tribe's endorsement and a guy living his dreams?

How must you view yourself to reject love, support, knowledge and positivity blindly based on instantly accepting fear, criticism and negativity?


Versus being agitated at your critics maybe you should send them flowers and puppies before you release them to find their happiness and self-acceptance in their own time.

Humans have every freedom to offer stinging criticism.

But the split second they open their mouth they speak of themselves, not you.

Embrace this truth to gracefully glide through critical barbs tossed your way.

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