How to Reframe the News Media

by Ryan Biddulph

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My parents taught me growing up how following the news:

  • kept me informed
  • kept me current on important news items
  • offered me a trusted source of world happenings that influenced my life

Like me, I bet your parents offered a similar viewpoint of the news media. Trusting the news as an important source of knowledge that helps to shape your life is pretty much par for the course. Follow the news or be left behind. Trust the news or be left out. Follow the news or stick your head in the sand. Ignorant people do not follow the news. Fools ignore the news.

But does trusting the news help or hurt your personal development campaign? Personal development is about developing your mind to experience greater freedom, love, peace of mind and growth. Keep these concepts in mind as you scan today's top 10 headlines. Keep these ideas in mind as you scan the top 10 daily headlines for the next month. Checking out today's headlines reveal how a repressive renegade force took over a country, the US president is facing another crisis, and 1200 people were killed in a developing nation due to an earthquake.

Does each news item expand your freedom, peace of mind and growth? Of course not; a select few humans pick these stories to promote chaos both within your mind and in the world. A few people explicitly intend to manipulate the fears in your mind through each headline. No one who genuinely loves and cares for fellow human beings handpicks fear-based, nightmarish scenarios to express their love, care, admiration and support for you. Mental demons beset by untold anguish, suffering, misery, pain and anger decide to:

  • separate
  • distance
  • instigate
  • scare
  • terrify
  • horrify
  • depress

as many of the 7 billion human beings on planet earth, as possible, via 95% or more news items.

Do you grow by studying regression? Do you instill freedom within by studying subjugation without? Do you learn how to love by immersing yourself in rage? Do you heal by studying sickness and dis-ease? Do you develop through an intense study of how to move backwards? The news grows out of fear. Personal development grows out of love.

For the 1200 people who passed on due to the earthquake recently, millions of people live lives of:

  • love
  • generous service
  • happiness
  • peace
  • unity

Does humanity move forward by someone drilling into your mind that 1200 people died in utter shock today or 50 million people uplifted humanity with light, love, kind acts, generous service, breath-taking breakthroughs and worldly success? In an even more blatant display of how people who decide to publish news stories hate you and wish you the worst, virtually 99.99% of the love, light, inspiration and TRUTHS of the world are desperately:

  • hidden
  • buried
  • obscured

by these bleak stories of death, division, envy, anger, rage and depression. If you think this sounds insane, consider these ideas for a moment.

  • positive, light-hearted, loving, uplifting stories are always buried in the last 60-90 seconds of news casts, if that
  • feeling positive, light-hearted, loving and uplifted creates environments of unity, harmony, love, wealth, abundance, happiness and peace
  • human beings who individually embody this loving, prospering mindset live in safe, prospering neighborhoods of 10, 100, 1000 or even 10,000 people or more

The biggest terror of the few dark news makers of the world is that 7 billion human beings:

  • engage in personal development
  • face fears in mind
  • live from a mindset of peace, love, harmony, abundance and riches
  • live together in a safe, peaceful, harmonious, prospering, abundant neighborhood of 7 billion human beings on planet earth
  • put news media, government, politicians and the fear-based world as we know it largely if not completely out of business

The news media is largely the opposite of everything you want to be because the news is almost entirely fear and you want to be love. Reframe the news as the most untrusted, untrue source of information because it drips with fear, uses your fears to manipulate you and teaches:

  • regression
  • personal devolution
  • division
  • separation
  • envy
  • general madness

If you want to be happy and grow, stop watching the news. Almost immediately, you notice 1, 10 or 100 stories of light, love, inspiration and abundance unfolding around you, both in the offline and online world. Consciousness works in this fashion; move your attention away from fear to spot love. A small collection of negative, major media news stories vanishes. A large collection of positive, personal life stories and blessed interactions appear.

Everything depends on you, your mind and your choices.

Do you want to fill your mind with a single narrative of fear hand-picked by lower energy forces?

Or do you want to live a life of countless experiences of love, harmony and abundance, hand-picked by your will power?

You choose.

The moment you decide to stop following the news that shadow will drop out of your life to be replaced by a conveyor belt of loving people, positive experiences, abundance and yes, some uncomfortable choice too.

But is it REALLY even a decision to let go the shadow of fear to live a life of peace, abundance and harmony?

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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