Do You Know Your Values?

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What do you value?

Does confusion cloud your mind concerning what you value?

Observe your life in the light of truth.

Life mirrors back what human beings value. Some human experiences reveal humans value what seem to be nightmares shrouded in fear, fighting and conflict. Whatever happens began as a value system originating in your subconscious mind. Other people live fun, freeing, sometimes uncomfortable lives by valuing freedom above all else.

Every human experience reveals your value system to you because all begins and ends in your mind.

Of course, most people seem completely unconscious of their value system based on ignorance of this truth combined with adopting a victim mentality. People generally feel like slaves to circumstances but understanding this concept dissolves situations into opportunities for making value shifts.

What About Difficult Circumstances?

Ego does not appear to choose difficult circumstances but never trust illusions. Appearances unearth subtle truths waiting under the surface of situations. For example, observe people who always seem to be fighting other folks. Life seems to be an endless debate. Critics lurk around every corner. Do these people become victims of a cruel world? No!

Fighters simply observe:

  • fear
  • fighting
  • conflict

embedded deeply in their mind reflected back to them through:

  • people
  • circumstances
  • situations

People waited for the mind-cue from the fear-resistant person to behave in such fashion.

House Sitting Mirror

My wife and I have been house sitting around the world on and off since 2014.

One genuinely negative experience dropped in between 50 plus sits mirrored back to us a bit of fear in our minds. An unclear, bitter, resentful person struggling with alcoholism projected his fears upon us. He seemed nice during our initial chat but his horrible review included lies triggering fears in mind we had to release.

My wife and I valued our reputation in the world during those days. We feared losing our reputation on some level. He reflected the fear back to us for exploring.

However, since we almost completely value love, harmony, generous service and peace, almost every single person we house sat for reflected these values back to us through:

  • 5 star reviews
  • positive feedback including spotless homes and happy pets
  • invites to house sit for them in the future

But one quick glimpse at house sitting forums used by the general population includes a bevy of nightmarish scenarios between homeowners and house sitters. Both home owners and house sitters value fear, conflict and reputation in mind to co-create these difficult scenarios as mirrors of their values.

Value Fun and Freedom

Life becomes fun and freeing through its experiences if you value fun and freedom in mind.

However, valuing fun and freedom involves facing, feeling and releasing fears creating your current value system.

Imagine greatly valuing comfort. Perhaps you work a job you dislike because you fear facing the discomfort of poverty. Changing your value system triggers fears in your mind to explore for you to choose fun and freedom. In one moment, you dream a life of circling the globe for months and the freedom the life affords you. But insidious fears pop up in mind concerning:

  • losing money
  • losing health benefits
  • losing employment

the moment you leave your job to start an online business for circling the globe.

Either you feel uncomfortable fears to change your values or evade fear to continuing following fear, discomfort and a general sense of melancholy, reflected back to you as circumstances you experience.

Everything depends on your value system.

Look within to understand the without.

Train your mind to direct your life.

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