Do You Distract Yourself or Dream Happy Dreams?

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Take 5 deep breaths.

Slow down your mind and body.

Carefully observe how the world seems to operate. If you pay close attention, the world largely is a study in distraction. People seem to run around to work jobs mainly to collect imaginary numbers masked as a means of exchange. Some people allow taking responsibility of small bodies to consume virtually 100% of their time during formative small body years. Most humans appear to distract themselves from the truth through a burdensome task of keeping so incredibly busy that dreaming happy dreams, living freedom and inspiring others to liberate themselves seems a complete pipe dream, an afterthought, a looney idea for lucky people.

But you can dream happy dreams in the world, too. Happy dreamers:

  • work jobs
  • raise families
  • attend school

and do worldly stuff seeming like mundane, day to day, tiring tasks to people who choose to distract themselves. Life is either a free experience or depressing prison based on your mind. Either you dream happy dreams of your highest, freeing purpose and experience life through the prism of those dreams or you mad dash distract yourself through this fleeting human experience to avoid freedom due to deep, pulsating fears in the mind. Either you dream sweet dreams or distract. No in between exists because no two states of mind can exist in the mind simultaneously.

Some people schedule out their lives for days, weeks or months, doing busy-ness, survival work and other forms of madness dripping with distraction. Since distraction madness seems so common in a largely frenzied world, ego makes it seem sane, normal and the way a human being experiences life. However, from a happy dreamer like myself, living life to distract yourself from truth, freedom and peace of mind is not sane, worthy or a flat out wise use of life. The strange aspect of distraction versus dreaming happy lives is that the bridge between the two is quite easy to walk: visualize your most freeing, fun, dream life, frequently. That is it! I am not kidding. Once the picture feels real to you, ideas, people and situations conform to the picture as you act based on intuitive nudges telegraphed to you from a perfect source of advice.

Set aside 15 minutes now to use your mind for picturing your dream life. Spend 15 minutes seeing in mind your happy dream life, whatever the life is for you. Picturing the happy dream regularly allows the dream to slowly or quickly be reflected in time and space. Or in laymen's terms, dreaming happy dreams goads the dreams to come true. Based on the happy emotions, freeing dreams and general thoughts in your mind:

  • people
  • places
  • circumstances
  • situations

conform to mold, to bend, to form a human experience according to your dreams. Yes; your dreams are that powerful! But if you dream distracting dreams based on trying to survive, trying to just get by, and trying to squeeze in a few moments of temporary pleasure, those dreams align with:

  • people
  • places
  • circumstances
  • situations

to co-create a human experience consistent with surviving, distraction, just getting by and a general human experience of unhappiness, hurry and a mad dash to the end. People dream it then do it. But most people use their mind to dream unhappy dreams of survival, madness and fear to do lives of unhappiness, survival and fear. Dreaming is just as powerfully applied unhappily, as is powerfully applied, happily. All depends on the dreamer and whether the person chooses to dream happy dreams or unhappy dreams. All depends on you and your decision to dream, and how to dream.

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