3 Ways to Beat Pre-Wedding Anxiety

by Sherry Kimball

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Well, nothing hits home better than the feeling of being loved. Furthermore, knowing that someone wants to spend the rest of their life with you. Proposals are characterized by excitement, confusion, and a roller coaster of emotions. Couples who met on the best hookup sites 2021 could barely believe that they might go that far with a random match suggestion.

However, the engagement period is usually a tough time. You get to deal with a lot of pressure from almost everyone. There is the team dressing you, caterers, wedding planners, guests, etc. You can barely breathe sometimes when things seem like they are falling apart. So how much do you know about that feeling?

  1. What is Pre-Wedding Anxiety?

There are a lot of things that couples have in mind during the wedding planning process. Multiple questions are often the daily dose. “Will I get the right dress? Will it even fit me? What will happen next after the wedding? Will people turn out? Will there be an over-turnup?”

These and many other questions are some of the things you might see if you cut the brain open of couples about to marry. Well, that might be a bit extra. Let's stick with it if you can read their minds. The multiple concerns often pile up and begin to draw some adverse effects to the individuals. This is what pre-wedding anxiety is all about. The endless panic, concerns, up & down, and uncertainty of what is about to happen as they approach the big day is what pre-wedding is signified with.


You can quickly notice if a couple has anxiety before the wedding. Some of the symptoms to look out for include:

  • Trouble eating – You’ll notice that either or both partners are not eating well. They usually lose their appetite in the process or stress-eat.
  • Difficulty in concentration – They can barely pay attention to what you say, especially in complicated things.
  • Short-tempered and irritable – You can easily irritate them by doing tiny things or minor mistakes. They often make a big deal out of them.
  • Preoccupied with wedding details – They are always interested to know what is happening, where it is, and how far the wedding proceedings are.
  • Trouble sleeping – They can barely catch some sleep with everything running in their heads.
  • Being clumsy – They can hardly concentrate on things, including the physical part. They drop things quickly or find it hard to drive.
  • Feeling on edge – They act as if they are hanging on the line, as if everything is falling apart.
  1. Ways to Beat Pre-Wedding Anxiety

Unfortunately, some couples end up in depression and anxiety before the wedding due to the multiple activities during that period. Despite the troubles brought about by stress and anxiety before the wedding, there is always something you can do about it.

Some of the ideal solutions on how to reduce anxiety before a wedding include:

Accept, Acknowledge and Reframe Your Feelings

The first step of healing is to accept that there is a situation and that you need to deal with it. Many people would often keep telling themselves that they are okay. In the real sense, they are far from that. They want to seem strong all the way to prove a point or to continue the work they put in.

You have to be honest with yourself and acknowledge that there is a situation you’re going through, and it needs immediate attention. Grooms who get anxiety before wedding often push themselves too much to look like the strong ones. This move doesn't help at all.

The acceptance part is crucial. You further acknowledge that it is a bad situation, but you can do something about it. It is followed by the re-framing process, where you start working on your thoughts and actions to get better.

Create a Sustainable Self-Care Routine

You have to create a self-care routine to gather yourself back together. Stress and anxiety before the wedding can cause a lot of adverse mental and physical effects. It would be best if you began taking care of yourself. Some of the practices that you should opt for are:

  • Get enough sleeping
  • Eat healthily
  • Practice meditation
  • Start working out
  • Schedule spa appointments
  • Look for new healthy hobbies
  • Listen to relaxing music.

Give Yourself a Break

The one thing you need the most to heal completely is getting out of that stressful space. You need a break! Let everyone you've appointed for a particular course do their job in peace and trust that everything will turn out well. Take some time off the planning and off that environment that is full of pressure.

Just contribute when need is and let your work be fully on calling the shots. Leave the follow-ups to the wedding planner. Isn't it your big day? You have to anticipate it at ease and full of excitement.


Is it normal to have anxiety before weddings? Sure it is! The pressure and lots of activities involved can easily put you in that position. However, the moment you realize things are getting out of hand, you should pull back and regain your ground. Work on yourself and leave the other tasks to the assigned parties.

Are you planning for your wedding? Does everything seem to be falling apart or not going as planned? Do you know about pre-wedding anxiety solutions? Leave a comment below!


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