1 Colorful Analogy for Moving Higher in Circles

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Moving higher in circles is one important step for personal development.

Like attracts like. Empowered people hang out with fellow empowered people. Less empowered people hang with less empowered people. But migrating from less empowered to empowered human beings involves moving higher in circles. Moving higher in circles involves making freeing but sometimes uncomfortable decisions.

I received a few messages from people on Facebook today. Each person messaged me the word: “Hi”. I genuinely appreciate people reaching out to me but connect, befriend and network solely with highly empowered, generous people who helped me freely to grab my attention, as our first contact. However, most reach out with a “Hi” message; each of these individuals lacks clarity, focus and confidence in engaging from a posturing, empowered space.

Some people spam comment my blog and social media, asking for me to read their emails or messages. People want my attention but only folks emanating from lower energy circles. Empowered people grab my attention by helping me generously and genuinely. Be nice, kind, generous and authentic with empowered humans to move higher in circles.

Check out this analogy for moving higher in circles.

Balloon Rising

Imagine a balloon inside of your car. On opening the car door, the helium-filled balloon makes its way for space. Mindful human beings (generous people who move higher in circles) fully in the moment grab the handle to prevent the balloon from rising into space. Picture the balloon being an empowered person rising higher in circles. The mindful, empowered human stepping into higher circles grabs the person-balloon by being:

  • generous
  • genuine
  • authentic
  • patient
  • persistent

before the person takes off even higher.

However, roughly 99% of humanity mindlessly opens the door, being lost in their own problems, fears and world, watches the balloon take off into the sky, then desperately, frantically and angrily yells and screams:

“Hey balloon! Get back here!”

Folks who email me “Hi” or message me “Hi” are trying to grab a balloon that already exited the car and took off for good. The balloon is gone. If you say “Hi” 10,000 times through messenger, it is like saying “Get back here!” 10,000 times to a balloon moving higher and higher into the atmosphere; it is gone, and empowered people are gone, moving into higher circles, forever. Unless you grow 1000 foot long arms or overpower gravity, the balloon moves higher and higher, as does the empowered individual, and your messages screaming for attention vanish, dissolve and entirely disappear into the ethers.

The way to move higher in circles is to generously help empowered people persistently without asking for anything in return. Be patient. Eventually, an increasing number of these human beings take an interest in you based on you taking an interest in these people. Empowered people teach you how to be:

  • happy
  • wealthy
  • healthy
  • free

But the most critical point in connecting with successful people is the moment of grabbing the balloon before it takes off via your generous service executed from a genuine energy. I remember, bond with and befriend folks who help me freely for some time. Generous servants prove that they are interested in me, not in what I can do for them.

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