How to Overcome Adversity in 2021

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overcome adversity

Are you a performer?

For instance, are you an athlete, blogger, author, or a singer?

All of these are creators or performers. However, sometimes circumstances cause them to be unable to create or perform.

There is an expression that says, “The show must go on.”

How can you perform if you're sick?

This post tells you the challenges in trying to overcome adversity and how to ultimately overcome adversity.

The Struggles

Let's look at performers who are unable to perform and creators who are unable to create:


I once was interviewed by an acclaimed blogger. He asked if I would blog if I were sick.

My answer: If I were sick, I'd blog in bed. That was true for seven years, but this past March was the exception.

I received my COVID vaccine. The reaction was nightmarish. For 30 hours I languished. Head pain brought on by fevers and body aches caused by the flu-like symptoms the vaccine produced made blogging impossible.


Have you heard of acclaimed writer Stephen King?

After spending many years as a famous novelist, King got into a car accident.

The result: He could no longer write. Writers Block was the result of the trauma the accident left him scarred with.


Should you sing with a sore throat?

Is sore throat singing a thing?

I once watched a TV show: American Idol Junior.

The premise of the show was like on American Idol but with children. They performed in front of judges.

One of the children finished singing an impressive song when the judge, Gladys Knight from Gladys Knight and the Pips fame, announced to the viewers that the little boy had a sore throat.

He performed and performed impressively despite his pain. He didn't even make an excuse by saying, “That's the best I can do.” For this child, the show did indeed go on.


The night the Dodgers won the 2021 World Series, it was revealed that Justin Turner tested positive for COVID-19.

I can not even imagine the difficulty of playing with COVID knowing the severity of the symptoms.

My close friends had COVID and recounted the difficulty of breathing let alone playing baseball.

SEO Struggles

Search Engine Marketing

The struggle gets worse if people, like those mentioned above, try to Google the remedies.

That's common, right?

People have a problem, so they Google the solutions.

Around the time COVID started to plague the planet, Google had a CORE update which stated that only experts, authorities in content niches would get visibility in Google's Search Engine Results pages.

This means that a singer who wants to put a solution in a blog post won't get that blog post seen on Google. Google will give a doctor's post visibility since the doctor is an expert in the medical field, but not the singer's post since the singer is an expert in music.

Is this fair? I'm sure Google thinks it's very fair.

Google has another acronym YMYL: This stand for Your Money, Your Life.

The meaning: If the content is about money or health, Google only allows its users to see the posts by experts in the field.

You can find more information about Google's E-A-T and YMYL criteria here.

Affiliate Marketing

It gets worse: Suppose there is an affiliate marketer who believes in an organic product.

Unless they advertise the affiliate link in a place Google has no reach over, they don't stand a chance of getting their affiliate links seen and making money.

The Solutions: How to Overcome Adversity

Good news for the blogger, author, singer, athlete, and affiliate marketer: There are other places besides Google they can find remedies.

Reddit is a good example. There are many Reddit communities where people share solutions for problems. These communities are called subreddits. Go to Reddit.com, type in the niche you're looking for, and ask your question to the people in the niche. There are even communities called Ask Me Anything.

Twitter is another example of a place you can find answers. Use the hashtags so you can find people in your niche to ask them your questions. Although Reddit doesn't like you to self-promote, you can promote affiliate links on Twitter.

Reddit does have a self-promotion thread. Search self-promo at Reddit to find it.

Wrapping Up: How to Overcome Adversity

This post shared how to overcome adversity if you are in the performance space.

The problem: You need to perform but can't. To make matters worse, you can't find an article on Google from someone who has had first-hand experience with the problem.

The solution: Don't use Google. Use social media sites like Reddit and Twitter.

How to Overcome Adversity in 2021

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