Everyone Has a Different Human Experience

by Ryan Biddulph

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I went through some rough patches in life like every person.

Slamming into resistance in a few areas felt like a nightmare to my ego. But I eventually learned how everyone has a different human experience. True; we have the gift of mind. People have the power to choose their thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings mold your reality because the world you experience without begins from within. But before realizing these truths a small group of humans suffers deep fear, exquisite pain and anguish to understand that the mind creates the conditions or circumstances versus a lost humanity who inaccurately believes the opposite scenario to be true.

I am writing these words from Panama City, Panama. My wife and I spent 3 months in a beautiful beach front villa before driving to the capital this afternoon. Frankly, I feel exhausted. I would rather fall asleep. But my intuition goaded me to stay up late – after driving for 6 hours on sometimes chaotic Panama roads – to write and publish this blog post.

We checked in to our hotel in the posh banking district but on the way we drove through a particularly rough neighborhood known as the grimmest ghetto in Panama City. I know a few things about rough neighborhoods growing up in Northern New Jersey. But the level of sheer poverty in this ‘hood floored me. I immediately noted the dilapidated buildings once we turned onto the main drag. Small children slept on the sidewalks amid dogs, adults and various trash. Thick bars appeared over every window.

I sent good vibes to all sentient beings in the neighborhood then held this intent in mind: everyone has a different human experience.

The ego feels uncomfortable with accepting this core truth. Ego wants to judge people as living good or bad lives. Some believe I lived the most blessed life but my human experience included deeply pondering suicide, going $70,000 into debt, declaring bankruptcy and watching my mom slip into terminal illness over 9 years. My human experience did not involve dropping out of college to become a multi-millionaire or billionaire because neither scenario seemed to be part of my cosmic plan.

I do have a free will but also know honoring my intuition both expands my peace of mind and lets me step fully into MY human experience which differs from any human being who ever lived. Life feels easier and easier for me because as I direct my thoughts, feelings and actions I am accepting every thing largely as is, embracing my human experience.

The small children sleeping on the street living in seemingly unfathomable poverty have their human experience. Jeff Bezos has his human experience. My wife has her human experience. You have your human experience.

Who we are is completely beyond every worldly experience solely because our mind can see through the illusion of fear to love, peace and serenity in any situation. Most humans never realize the basic truth that they can master their mind to live in peace and harmony in any human experience, namely, their distinct human experience.

I have no idea how many of those kids sleeping on the sidewalk in the slum will take control of their mind. Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran did, having grown up in this neighborhood, mentally and physically fighting his way out to become one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Acceptance of All Human Experiences Brings Peace of Mind

Accepting – amid my ego's pain – that these skinny, malnourished little children are having their experience a few miles away gives me some peace of mind. Although most are just trying to survive, they are facing the deepest fears and terrors humans can face as little kids. Each has a chance to find out who they are because when each day is life and death in many regards, what scares you *after that*?

The millionaires and billionaires who own the high end hotels in this banking district neighborhood are having their own experience. Some may be happy because they love building businesses and rendering service for humanity. Others feel terribly depressed because their wealth can never fill a void left during childhood trauma. I recall seeing one of the wealthiest men on earth refuse to speak about his mom's death 25 years after her passing. For all of his wealth and worldly power he still cannot bring himself to face the fear, pain and grief of losing his mom while in his 40's. My human experience involved facing my mom-related grief head on, a few years into her sickness, to release the burden of this energy-sapping emotion.

Honor your human experience to be at peace with your life.

Honor the human experiences of other people to be at peace with their lives.

Surrendering to what is builds your intuitive powers, peace of mind and overall quality of life to levels you could never imagine.

Everything begins when you embrace the fact that everyone has a different human experience.


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