Beware if You Trust Advice Based on Your Fears

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Pay close attention to the top news headlines today.

Do you trust the headlines? Why? Does the love of life, blissful union with mankind and peace of mind in your being influence you to trust news headlines? If not, fear influences you to trust the news.

Honest human beings admit 100% of the time, fear in their mind motivates them to follow and trust the news.

Beware if this is you: idiotic advice sounds like wise counsel to scared people and wise counsel sounds like foolhardy madness to this lost lot.

One only needs to review their lives up until this point to accept this basic truth. Trusting fear influences you to believe in lies. Trusting fear also influences you to doubt the truth. Why? Fear is an illusion. Fear is not real. Trusting fear is believing in something that is not there while ignoring what is there.

How will your life proceed if you make choices predominantly on something that is not there? 100% of the time, life becomes miserable, depressing and confining if you follow advice based on fear.

Do you trust people who use fear to manipulate you? How often do you believe someone else's limiting beliefs? People told me I would always be an employee because I never did anything different with my life for a number of years other than working jobs. However, I analyzed the advice and why I trusted it. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I believed these folks because I feared doing anything other than working a job to get paid.

I feared going broke. I feared being criticized. Naturally, I trusted advice from scared people who intended to project their fears onto me. Beware your judgment in such situations! People do stupid stuff when afraid. People trust idiotic advice when scared.

Fear in your mind influences you to see only what is not true. Seeing the truth is completely impossible if you are afraid because truth sits beyond fear.

Humanity seems to slowly but surely evolve into a slightly more fearless state but only because people observed their deep fears triggered during global events of the past few years. No politician, government or dis-ease did anything to humans save serving as triggers for fear in the minds of people.

A certain situation triggered the fears of death and dis-ease on a global level. Other situations triggered the fear of freedom loss. The list goes on and on. But ultimately, people seem to be slowly learning how to spot bad advice by facing their fears and how to trust good advice by clearing out the same fears.

Well-meaning people in the USA warned me against traveling to Qatar a few years ago because of terrorism. These kind fools based their fear-based opinion on the fear-based news headlines published by entities wishing to divide and manipulate the world.

Since I do not fear traveling I simply researched Qatar to discover it is the wealthiest nation on earth. Our Uber driver told me during our trip there that some families have 45 – or more – cars. Everyone accesses free education and every family gets a house in this tax-free nation. Imagine the height of opulence. Take it up roughly 100 notches to ponder Doha, Qatar.

Fear influenced people to trust moronic advice-idea while my lack of fear allowed me to see the truth. I traveled to Doha and enjoyed my one month house sit there, living amid stunning riches.

Beware trusting anything from a perspective of fear because you will believe in an illusion.

Face, feel and release fears to see clearly.

See the truth sitting beyond fear.

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