Do You Deeply Identify with Creating?

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January 30, 2021 was the last time I published a guest post here.

3 months to the day passed before I felt an intuitive pull to publish a guest post on Personal Growth Channel.

I spotted one mental block holding me back in late January. I identified deeply with creating. Creating content felt like a part of me to the point where creating seemed to BE me. I became one with creating. This is not good. What happened if I did not write and publish 5 or more posts daily? I felt a bit non-deserving. Unworthiness slowly overtook my being.

Experiencing a big energetic shift on that cold, winter January day helped me identify more with being rather than doing and identifying with doing.

Getting deeper into your mind through careful self-analysis reveals if you engineer a persona based on:

  • working hard
  • being an underdog
  • slaving and striving
  • calling attention to your hard work, struggles, obstacles overcome and general poverty consciousness
  • creating

Identifying with creating hurts you because you are much more than creating stuff for other human beings. However, if creators do not create these individuals feel less than, miserable, depressed and quite lacking. Clinging to any identity creates a prison from which you cannot escape until you trash the identify.

Human beings fully aware of their true identity do not identify with anything. Accepting this truth feels peaceful because you do not need to be or do anything based on a specific role.

Imagine a tree feeling upset because the tree didn't create enough nuts for squirrels to enjoy. Doesn't this sound insane? Trees simply BE trees. Trees being trees effortlessly flow through their life cycles because they are just being versus identifying with anything.

Wise humans take a similar path. Life feels peaceful, seamless and quite effortless for enlightened souls who do not identify with:

  • the ego
  • the body
  • worldly ideals
  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • actions

I stopped heavily identifying with being a creator 3 months ago. Peace began to invade my being, flooding my consciousness. I created less content but beefed up my blog posts. Feeling no need to create – due to lessening my creator identification – gave me more time to enjoy offline. Networking more frequently grew my reach online.

Life felt easier because I no longer needed to fulfill some role as a creator. I could simply BE more often.

Do you find yourself in a similar boat? How do you identify with being a creator? Applications go far beyond blogging. Stay at home moms falsely identify with being creators for their kids in terms of creating a daily routine for child care. Working dads falsely identify with being creators in order to create wealth for the family. Reversing roles – observing stay at home dads and working moms – reveals the same, false narrative spoken by the ego.

Moms and dads are infinite beings who appear to partially play the role of caring for their kids. Like me, we are all infinite beings incapable of identifying with any role, creative or otherwise. Stop identifying with one role because doing so blinds you from all you can be during your human experience.

Enjoy a well-rounded life so varied that no one could ever peg you.

I spent today:

  • walking dogs on the beaches of Panama
  • writing and publishing a blog post
  • writing and publishing this guest post
  • being a student of A Course in Miracles
  • speaking to Panamanian police in Spanish as I crossed a check point in town
  • shopping at a local Chino and speaking to the store owner in Spanish
  • doing Kriya yoga
  • meditating
  • feeding the dogs
  • napping
  • enjoying peaceful views of the Pacific Ocean from the house

In a little bit, I will jog in the forest then do some Kriya yoga. Does this guy sound like a creator to you? Can you even come close to pegging me?

Stop identifying with being a creator.

Simply be to enjoy a well-rounded, fulfilling, peaceful, rich life.

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