What to Know When Moving to the United States for Work

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Millions of people aspire for a stable and well-paying career, no matter the location. While some laborers may not know where they want to work, or are not bothered where they end up, there are a vast majority of people who aspire to migrate to the United States to set up a career. 

With approximately 37% of people willing to move to another country for their careers, we can recognize how this is becoming increasingly popular for career-driven individuals reading this and beyond.  

For interested parties, budding entrepreneurs, and those chasing a dream, we have compiled a list below of essential things that you must know when moving to the United States for work. 

Documentation Required for Employment and Residency 

When moving to a new location, you want to ensure that you are doing so in a legal way, and that you are in possession of the relevant documents to make this move. Those who wish to live and work in the United States need to have a work visa or green card to do so. These are issued by government bodies following a lengthy application process. 

Immigrant work visas include the EB-1 and EB-2, and upon receipt of either of these, you could expect to receive a green card – implying permanent residency status – soon after. You would have the same freedom as that of a native American citizen and will be free to remain in the country for as long as you please. 

When moving to the United States for employment purposes, you will need to apply for a Social Security Number, to pay your income tax correctly and appropriately. Your employer will also require this when hiring you. Having it ready will minimize hassle. 

Some companies offer foreign- and non-US citizens the opportunity to be sponsored in order to access a work visa. Otherwise, you can apply and obtain one with the assistance of immigration law firms like Farmer Law PC. 

Once you have got the relevant employment documentation and authorization to enter the country for permanent residency, you can continue with the rest of the process.

Exceptional Circumstances

There are thousands of jobs available in the United States, which accept applications from international citizens. However, in line with immigration policy, there are various conditions which must be met by interested parties to qualify for a work visa and residency. 

On the contrary, there are exceptional circumstances within immigration policy overall, listing what are known as Specialty Occupations. Interested parties who fit the criteria for these occupations can expect to run through the visa application process a lot easier than those who do not. 

However, to be able to work for a company that provides these specialty occupations, you will need to obtain relevant employment documents the same as everybody else. There is no special treatment despite being a desired occupation. 

What to Know When Moving to the United States for Work

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