How to Stay Focused While Working From Home?

by Garima Aggarwal

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While Covid-19 celebrates more than one year of existence affecting harm to humans all across the globe, it has left a scar on people’s minds that might not wash away. One of the new normal techniques is ‘work from home’.

One has to agree that most of, actually all of the corporate community hates being bound to the four walls of their offices, and amid Covid-19 they have been over-pampered by the companies who are even now continuing their work-from-home schedules given the severity of the pandemic and its new and even dangerous variants. Somehow, employees find it quite difficult in focusing on their work while working from home as they have to face several distractions in a not-so office-like environment.

This unforeseen and instantaneous change from an office to an in-home office does have major effects on citizens. Amid the comfort of our beds, the warmth of the blankets, and family expecting to contribute to house chores, we do find it difficult to concentrate on the work, right? Well, as comforting as it seems, work-from-home is not what most of us think alike.

But don’t you worry! Here are the top tricks to ensure that you can focus on your work while working-from-home without skipping your meal and affecting your work targets.

Set an office space away from distractions

At home, distractions are everywhere in different forms, somewhere it appears on television, loud music, a crying baby, annoying siblings, and mothers asking to give some input in house chores like bringing groceries, etc.

Therefore, you must set-up an office space away from all these distractions during your work time. You can set up one in your room, in the dining hall, on the rooftop, or any other place where the unwanted voices don’t reach you and distract you. 

Try and indulge in-home activities too

Well, you cannot move properly away from your in-house contribution responsibility. Since you are a home working person, your parents or family expecting you to do house chores is not wrong or something. Therefore, try and take out time to indulge in house activities too. For instance, if you are working for a 9 to 5 shift, wake up a little early in order to accomplish your tasks.

Structure your day: draft a proper schedule

We often find it difficult to decide spontaneously about what should we do at what time. However, the same becomes much easier if we structure our daily routine plan properly so that we don’t have to struggle and waste time deciding what to do next.

Taking out time for each and every work, whether it is in your professional or personal life, is important, and drafting a schedule helps to bring efficiency in carrying out the work.

Also don’t forget to add time for your breaks, lunchtime, house chores, exercise, and some me-time as well. This way, you will learn several things, first and foremost; time management then comes managing routine work and personal life.

Take out time for yourself at regular intervals

Sitting in front of the systems for your whole shift and delivering work like a machine will put a ‘no entry’ board on your creativity, and critically analysing skills, both of which are vital in the current job scenario.

Therefore, take out healthy time to treat yourself healthily. Most of the people in the corporate line are working like machines; not aware of what is their further goal or why even they are doing what they are doing?

This happens when people don’t give time to themselves to think about themselves. This might sound cliché to our parents for the simple reason that they never did this on their own but no days, it is crucial that we stop, think, grab knowledge of the world, rethink and then work. This helps people reduce stress, health issues and most importantly enhance their work capacity.

Have water and coffee breaks in between

Don’t dehydrate yourself! Working is important, agreed but having an adequate amount of water and tea breaks is too. For a fact, I can agree on we don’t realise when we have too much work and pressure on our head.

But still, these breaks are necessary; you would not want to get sick and be on a week’s bed rest (which also means that your salary might get cut) rather have tea or coffee in between your working hours so that you can stay active all day during your work time.

But water breaks must be on the place after every, at least, half-hour. Simultaneously, do not overdo the coffee and tea, that is also bad.

Turn on the ‘Focus Mode’

… That is quite a difficult task, is it too much? Likewise mentioned in the first point, one has a lot of limitations while working from home. However, still one needs to turn the focus mode on and put the second thoughts affecting the work routine aside.

Most of the time, a simple *ting* on the mobile phones leads to a distraction, and by the end of it, we waste much time while scrolling Instagram and then later on we regret the actions. This is why nowadays smartphones are invented with a unique feature called ‘focus mode’, this means that all your activities on your phone would be shut temporarily till the time you remove the mode.

I have one on my android phone. By this, I don’t mean to say you buy android and put focus mode on but simply put it together, learn to focus on the work, and learn the art of ignoring your phone’s notification or any other disturbance.

Follow the ‘work during work time’ and ‘rest during rest time’ rule

This point links to the one above. The recommendation is to follow this rule on regular basis. Usually, nowadays in most of the corporates, mobile phones are not allowed however at homes there’s no restriction. One must follow this rule strictly; ‘work during work time, and rest during rest time’.

Mostly, youngsters get scolded by their parents who work while eating food and, in this way, they can deliver good work results and spoil their food time too. Therefore, try to strike a balance both and do not mix them.

Focus on the work properly while it is the work time in your schedule and do not pick your work calls while it is your lunchtime. I know it is easier said than done, but at least try.

Do exercise at regular intervals

Working from home will surely impact your body. Staying inside your home, limited outdoor visit, less physical activity would impact your body in the longer run. One must follow an exercise routine as much as possible, one can do it early in the morning in during the afternoon time just before you have your dinner.

With this, your mental muscles will stretch and your body will stay fit and in shape. For instance, in my work-from-home schedule, I personally gained some weight and became a much lazier person. Soon when I realised it, I began regular work out making way for my fitness and correct body shape again.


Working at home can be stressful and fun, both at the same time, it just depends upon your actions and routine how you manage it and bring out the best in your personal and professional lives.

About the Author 

Garima Aggarwal

With a pinch of humour and a realistic approach, Garima Aggarwal is a Creative Content Writer working with TABSCAP Digital Marketing Agency. She has been in the field for the last 2 years wanting to develop change with her words and thoughts. She is passionate about her work and writes about topics related to Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, Paid Marketing, and Digital Marketing.

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