15 Self Help Bloggers to Follow in 2021

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A self-help blog or any personal growth blog is targeted to imbibe inspiration amongst the followers and readers of the blog. These are created for you to harness the motivation to fulfill your ambitions during the course of life. 

Under the current circumstances, with so much digitization in every sector of life, it’s not difficult to access self-help blogs. These are just a matter of a few clicks on your smartphone and Hurray! You receive a host of them. But with such a plethora of information and bloggers to follow, it becomes a challenge who is more effective than the others. This article will present the top 15 self-help bloggers to follow in 2021.

The trying darkness of 2020 has slackened to some extent but it's still not completely over. The work from home, lockdown, all these unforeseen circumstances have led to a severe depressional attitude among millions worldwide. Therefore, the importance of self-help bloggers has been redefined in a whole new light.

Top 15 Self-Help Bloggers of 2021

1. Tim Ferris 

The smooth and refreshing writing style of Tim acts as the pro in this context. His exclusive visions and thoughts about the world are deftly expressed in his writings. He thinks that too many options may not always prove to be the right key for solving problems. Sometimes it is better to eliminate them altogether and just go with the flow without overthinking about the situation.

2. Maria Popova 

As she ideally likes to call herself an “interestingness hunter-gatherer and curious mind at large”, this is the most befitting way to describe her. The tremendous amount of research and hard work she puts in each of her writings is evident. Her positive mindset and approach to life are well-expressed through her pen. Her creative mindset, intellectuality, spirituality, anxiety all combine together for a great and exclusive learning experience for her.

3. Lori Deschene 

The author of “Tiny Buddha’ Guide to Loving Yourself”, she handles life through simple wisdom, relationships, inspiration along with mindfulness. She is deeply researchful and focused about Buddha’s teachings and this is evident through her writings, but that is simply not religious preaching. She expresses the inbound essence of Buddha’s teachings and can it be practically applied to solve real-life problems is her matter of concern. 

4. Michael Hyatt

The author of “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World”, the deeply insightful approach of his writings about productivity, leadership never fails to awestruck the readers. 

5. Leo Babuta

A person of a minimalist lifestyle, he believes that simplicity is the key to happiness and satisfaction. He let go of his habit of smoking and embraced early awakening to transform his life positively in more ways than one. The experience of his journey is depicted in his writings.

6. Alex Monaco

Alex Monaco is one of the most significant new self-development bloggers of the time. His rejuvenating and energetic style of writing combined with the unique positive outlook are noteworthy. He and his team of coaches and psychologists managed to create effective mindset training courses Onbotraining, which was awarded in MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

7. Penelope Trunk

The candour of her writing and her art of storytelling can never fail to satisfy her readers. Her writings focus on positive tips and tricks on how to begin a business. Her unique advice is commendable.

8. Chris Guillebeau

He is a travel hacker. This journey is not only his physical journey but through these journeys, he covers immeasurable mental distances too, always gaining new knowledge and experience in the process. He pens down his mental transformation and evolution as a human being.

9. Marie Forleo

The author of “Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself” and the host of Marie TV, she is the queen of providing actionable and sassy pieces of advice to spice up your mundane singlehood.

10. Danielle LaPorte

The author of “The Fire Starter Sessions” and the co-creator of “Your Big Beautiful Book Plan”, the inspirational quotes and teachings he pens down are nothing but soul-searching truths of life.

11. Ramit Sethi

Adorned with a very practical and direct approach, he is full of bits of advice regarding the practical problems of life. He believes that nothing is constant and everything is negotiable up a certain extent. This approach carries the potential to change a lot of things.

12. James Clear

A metaphorical writer, all his health and fitness blogs are focused on the mastery of the inert physical and mental strength that lies dormant in every human being.

13. Steven Handel

His deep research-oriented blogs on psychology deserve a special mention. The positive thoughts and ideas that he expresses and like precious gems.

14. John Wesley

Exploring a wide number of facets of personal development, he is a pillar of blogs particularly in the genres of motivation, productivity, health, self-improvement. The energetic spirit is expressed through deft usage of pen.

15. Joshua Becker

He is concerned about living a simple yet rewarding life. All luxuries cannot buy the necessary mental satisfaction, which simplicity can easily achieve. His articles on positive parenting, finances, work deserve a special mention.

There is a comprehensive guide regarding the top 15 self-bloggers to follow in 2021. 

15 Self Help Bloggers to Follow in 2021

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