Who Taught You That?

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Who taught you what you believe?

Did your parents largely influence your thinking? Who are your parents? Loving, caring human beings who did their best job raising you, in most cases? But did your loving, caring parents have the wisdom of Solomon, the poise of the Dalai Lama and the loving-kindness and compassion of Jesus Christ? No, your parents did not possess these qualities.

Since your parents did not possess these qualities, fear occupied a decent chunk of their minds or unfortunately, for most of us, fear dominated a large part of their minds. Parents can only give what they have. Parents whose minds are dominated by fear offer some loving beliefs but also offer many fear-based, negative, disempowering, suffering-inducing beliefs. How do you expect to live a happy, free, abundant, liberated life based on clinging to a dominant belief system of fear, loss, poverty, prejudice and division?

My mom taught me love, respect and compassion for animals. She also screamed at us quite regularly that we – aka the family – were going to eventually lose the house for any number of odd reasons. 45 year old, mentally and spiritually advanced me with 12 years of meditation and 5 collective years of advanced yoga under my belt laughs at the experiences. But 4 year old Ryan Biddulph to roughly 44 year old Ryan Biddulph lived in exquisite misery of hellish fear related to my finances, property and possession. I WAS TERRIFIED TO LOSE IT ALL BECAUSE MOM IMPRINTED THE BELIEF SYSTEM THAT I WOULD LOSE IT ALL! ARRRGHHHH!

What choices did I make with money, possessions and business, clinging to the fear-belief system mom offered me, until age 44? I made decisions based on the belief system dictated by the horror-terror-panic that I would lose everything. Yeah; that did not work out too well for an entrepreneur trying to build a business online.

Most of humanity learns lessons of fear from afraid people and fear-mongering entities to keep us enslaved, dependent and easily manipulated. But a select few brave humans ruthlessly question every one of their belief systems to purge fears, to live from love, to unite humanity and to teach us all to live in abundance, harmony and peace.

The system is not so much rigged as it is built on the illusion of fear. Fear-based belief systems shared and readily accepted by most of humanity prop up the system on shoddy stilts. See yourself in the light of truth. Ruthlessly question your beliefs in:

  • government
  • politics
  • the news
  • medicine
  • life in general

Be forewarned; questioning your belief system – and people plus entities who taught you to think and feel that way – feels highly upsetting for most people because seeing how most of what you believe is fear-separation-poverty indicates you have lived a lie, largely, up the moment you questioned your belief system.

But facing, feeling and clearing fears lets you build a new, empowering belief system of love, abundance, harmony and peace. Teaching these truths to fellow humans feels fulfilling. More humans learn these truths, embody new, loving belief systems and we all eventually step out of this illusory fear-fight-manipulation into the utopia planet earth really is.

The only enemy in life is fear in your mind. The only threat is fear-based belief systems taught to you by scared people and equally scared, manipulative entities.

Face fears in your mind by ruthlessly questioning and dissecting your faulty belief systems.

Be free.

Teach other people to be free.

Free the world one human being at a time.

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