What Serene People Rarely Tell You

by Ryan Biddulph

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Serene people faced, felt and released their deepest, darkest periods of:

  • chaos
  • fear
  • pain
  • struggle
  • grief

to be serene, calm, peaceful, poised, compassionate, forgiving souls. Note the words I bolded above. Serene people:

  • face
  • feel
  • release

fears triggered during those dark, deep, seeming energetic chasms. Most people go through tough times:

  • resisting or burying
  • avoiding
  • clinging to

deep, heavy, strong fears semi-triggered during trauma. Since you cannot get over what's still in you, these deep, dark fears you bury, resist and refuse to feel completely influence the decisions you make, the actions you take and the life you live.

For example; people generally believe serene, successful, happy people are:

  • lucky
  • blessed
  • gifted
  • talented
  • stress-free

because these select few did not need to face fear, chaos, obstacles and resistance the general public slams into. But these assumptions are lies. Believing in lies is commonplace for people who fill their minds with fear because fear is not real. Clinging to illusory energies guarantees that you live a lie. More importantly, burying and resisting deep fear in your mind makes seeing the truth impossible.

Serene human beings rarely share these truths because calm people have grown out of fear, chaos, division and scarcity, largely. Having grown out of these primordial states of mind, peaceful people offer peaceful advice, knowing that you must pay your fear-tax through your own experience if you too hope to be largely serene.

I assumed much about happy, successful people 12 years ago during my newbie blogger days. I believed none of those pros had to surmount all of the stiff obstacles I faced but my belief fed on fear in my mind. Facing, feeling and releasing fear in my mind revealed this truth: happy, calm, successful bloggers faced, felt and released fears and obstacles far more powerful than I had faced up to that point. Removing fear removed my delusion. Removing my delusion allowed me to see the truth.

Face Feel and Release Fears

The step to serenity involves facing, feeling and releasing fears disturbing your serenity. Do not turn to liquor when you feel fear masked as anxiety. Feel the fear. Hug the anxiety. Release the fear. Be more serene. Do not turn to drugs when you feel fear. Do not distract yourself with TV, gossip on streaming videos online. Do not work a job solely to keep busy because keeping busy distracts you from fears you rued facing, for years.

Never surround yourself with afraid people who emit a chaotic energy. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Scared people suppress their fears, disturbing their serenity and disrupting your peace of mind.

Do you feel scared now? Do not avoid your fears. Do not lock yourself inside of your home. Do not avoid human beings. Never trust the news. News media is largely an agent of chaos specifically designed to disturb your serenity. Face, feel and release intimately personal fears in your mind. Feeling fear feels unpleasant but increasing your peace of mind seems worth a few uncomfortable moments.

Do not go through tough times mindlessly, from an ignorant, aversive, delusional energy. Face, feel and release deep fears triggered during tough times. Do not complain about going through tough times; blaming is a sure signal you do NOT face, feel and release fear. Blaming or complaining both indicate you fear facing fears triggered during tough times so you prefer to bury your fears in favor of blaming events or people for the tough times.

Buried fear festers as mental dis-ease, physical dis-ease and a general chaotic vibe destroying your peace of mind.

Become a serene, relaxed, abundant, prospering human being. Face, feel and release your intimately personal fears during moments of deep trauma to baptize yourself of these illusory sensations. Be free. Be at peace.


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