What Is the Biggest Downside of Always Taking Shortcuts in Life?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Taking the odd shortcut here and there to save a tiny bit of time and energy benefits you. Every human seems entitled to find a more direct path between point A and point B in terms of cutting a corner, here and there.

But always trying to take shortcuts throughout every aspect of your life reveals a deep fear fueling impatience, a lack of persistence and a general greediness and desperation, guaranteed to cause fundamental problems in your life. Trying to get something for nothing always leads to a long term result of getting nothing of value. Pay close attention to human beings constantly on the prowl for:

  • hacks
  • shortcuts
  • the easiest way
  • the quickest way
  • the shortest way

Where does each of these folks wind up? None reaches any point of note because getting something for nothing does not exist in a precise Universe. Observe the happiest, healthiest, most successful people on earth. Across the board, none ever takes significant short cuts because what you give is what you get. Taking short cuts short changes you.

For example, most bloggers try to take short cuts to get as many backlinks as humanly possible for fear manifest as greed and desperation dominates their minds. Being afraid, impatient and greedy plus desperate scares these bloggers into using failing strategies like cold pitching bloggers for link exchanges.

After 12 years of taking fear-based shortcuts, such bloggers may generate 100, 200 or 1,000 terrible, low quality backlinks. Taking short cuts short changes yourself and your blogging campaign. Wasting 12 years of your life for 500 terrible quality backlinks feels incredibly depressing, deflating and debilitating, I imagine. Most if not all of these bloggers quit blogging because you get what you give.

Meanwhile, I took no short cuts during my 12 year blogging career. I generously, slowly and patiently:

  • practiced writing daily
  • connected with pro bloggers daily by generously serving them and asking for nothing
  • published helpful content

for many 1000's of hours. For months, I did not generate one backlink because I had to pay my dues, increasing my skills, exposure and credibility by blogging the right way. Eventually, organic, high quality backlinks flowed to my blog but only because I took no shortcuts. Depending on the service, 40,000 to 50,000 high quality, valuable, organic backlinks point to Blogging From Paradise.

The foolish blogger took 12 years of short cuts to fail miserably, wasting over a decade of their lives to accumulate 500 terrible, low quality backlinks through unintelligent, cold pitch emails. I spent 12 years taking no blogging short cuts to develop my skills, exposure and credibility through good old fashioned blogging practice. I attracted 50,000 plus quality backlinks to my blog.

Taking short cuts leads to long headaches. Live the right way. Put in the time. Live from generous, patient, persistent energies. Build your skills through practice. Build your friend network through a generous, genuine approach to networking. Create, connect and trust both in yourself and in the process of your respective endeavor.

Life is too valuable to short cut your way into failing oblivion. Be generous, patient and persistent. Good things take time and generous service. Life simply mirrors back to you what you offer life on an energetic, action level.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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