Question Your Beliefs Ruthlessly

by Ryan Biddulph

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I do not assume too much.

I question every one and everything. I question the news ruthlessly. I question government and politicians even more ruthlessly. On one hand, I believe kind-hearted, generous people tend to dot planet earth, some working in government, politics and for the major media.

But on the other hand, unless you have the impartiality of King Solomon and the poise of The Buddha, your fears-pains combined with your bias influences you to skew truth, to distort reality and to offer a version of reality that deviates from truth to illusion. People in this lot often work in government, become politicians and work in the main stream media.

I make these observations because I question my beliefs ruthlessly.

Formative Education?

I grew up being imprinted with a general belief system, per most American citizens. But as I grew older, I began to question:

  • what I learned
  • whom I learned it from
  • why the individuals or entities taught me these lessons to shape my belief system in some fashion

For the first time in 25 years, I observed more than 20 minutes of the news yesterday. I have no interest in the news but I do have an intense interest in psychology, mass manipulation, belief systems and emotional intelligence. Watching the news yesterday revealed how most Americans have a low to primitive level of emotional intelligence; generally, we stink of the emotion labelled “fear”. Fear manifests as anger, rage, disgust, embarrassment and a general terror of losing our worldly freedoms, all completely blinding people from the truth.

Observe how *every single problem* in America sprouts from citizens' thinking, feeling and acting from energies of fear due to a primitive, primordial level of emotional intelligence, on full display yesterday.

The chaos was not in one person; hundreds of millions of Americans co-created that chaos with their low level of emotional intelligence, the collective efforts of a massive group of folks with fear in THEIR minds. Team effort!

I thought back to my “formative” education to observe if I was ever taught in formal fashion how to:

  • control my emotions
  • develop my emotional intelligence
  • face my fears, feel my fears and release my fears
  • interact with enraged people
  • expand my awareness

Hmmmm…..why would formative education ignore teaching US citizens the primary skill necessary to create prosperity, abundance, harmony, wealth, unity, peace and balance around the United States? I believed for many years that the educational system did a fabulous job preparing children to be well-adjusted adults who contribute to society, but ruthlessly questioning that belief system poked serious holes in the construct.

Most US citizens have almost no control over their emotions because they were never taught that skill in school. A decent chunk have some control over their emotions after being fed up enough with life to learn about meditating, deep breathing and doing yoga, following daily rituals. A scant few folks in the US have largely controlled their emotions through a heightened sense of awareness and a high level of emotional intelligence, honed after 1000's and 1000's of hours of meditating, deep breathing and/or doing yoga.

Question your belief system. Question the motives of people in your life. Be open yet discerning. Do not so much doubt everyone as question the intent of folks you cross paths with, of organized bodies and of socially-accepted ways of living. A nation 100% devoted to promoting pure freedom for its citizens would teach practices like:

  • meditation
  • doing yoga
  • deep breathing exercises
  • mastering emotional intelligence

from kindergarten up through grade 12 in high school. Once you control your mind and learn how to master fear, life becomes easier, easier and easier.

What would it take to teach meditation to US students? One class for each grade, from K-12. The earlier years would be challenging, but dealing with early-age discomfort sure as heck beats a nation of adults who behave like the emotionally walking dead, being manipulated with alarming ease.

Of course, 330 million budding spiritual masters, advanced in thinking and feeling, with an expansive awareness would generally be:

  • happy
  • peaceful
  • healthy
  • prospering
  • wealthy
  • rich
  • of immense service to humanity
  • clear-thinking
  • truthful
  • genuine
  • truth-seeing

How would big pharma do with a nation of healthy, mentally strong, serene individuals? How would the military do? How would big oil do as more aware people biked to work versus buying cars and gassing up?

Perhaps a small group of resistant individuals would prop up these industries on flimsy stilts but a nation of largely harmonious human beings in control of their minds and bodies would begin the dissolving of the world as we know it, from government, to politics, to the media, to the military industrial set-up we currently adhere to.

Ultimately, every individual chooses their path in life based on their belief system.

The turning point is in deciding whether or not the belief system promotes your freedom and the freedom of your neighbors, or not.

At that point, the uncomfortable but liberating questioning process is on you.


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