Never Take Personal Growth Personally

by Ryan Biddulph

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My seemingly greatest personal growth accelerants occurred in moments that I did NOT take things personally.

I experienced a few instances that old me would have taken personally. For example, some family resistance over particularly tender, touchy, painful topics seemed personally directed at old me, a long time ago. New me looks back on those experiences as being valuable for my personal growth.

From fam, to the general public, every person's problem is THEIR fear. Their fear has nothing to do with you. What is in their mind is their ignorant creation. What fear is in their mind is their mis-creation, their illusion, their delusion, their fantasy. As you walk a journey of personal growth, never take fear from another being's mind personally, because their fear is never about you and all about them. How could their fear be about you if their fear is in their mind?

Not taking things personally allowed me to see how human beings tend to project fear onto other human beings. What happens if fear in your mind resonates with fear projected onto you, courtesy of another human mind? Chaos happens. Conflict happens. Division happens. Two human beings taking things personally from the ignorance of fear co-create hell that cannot exist unless fed by fear in 2 human beings.

But if one human decides to not take this personally by owning then conquering fear in their mind, this advanced individual sees how human beings see the world as human beings see themselves. Why would I take anything personally if a person sees me, and the world the person lives in, as they see themselves?

Taking things personally is a massive impediment to personal growth because you stop to lick your wounds when the wounds do not even exist. Imagine someone blaming you for their problems. The individual blames you 100% because of the fear in their mind. How can fear in their mind injure you? Fear in their mind is 100% completely independent from you, and any thoughts and feelings in your mind. Taking their fear personally influences you to take on an imaginary, projected burden that does not exist. How can you grow as a human being by taking on imaginary burdens, anchoring yourself down in painful, taxing, suffering-inducing illusions?

In one moment, you intend to grow as a human being. In the next moment, you take the insane step of devolving as a human being, by taking on an imaginary, highly personalized version of some projection completely belonging to another being, and not belonging to you, at all.

Never take personal growth personally because being more aware, more willing to explore fear and more fearless than much of humanity triggers fears in much of humanity. Scared humans who react wildly to fear by projecting, blaming and attacking fellow humans lower themselves on the energetic scale from the 3rd dimension to the 1st and 2nd dimension, occupied by wild animals.

Observe a nature show. Imagine a pack of 15 lions attacking, killing and consuming a 1 ton Cape buffalo in a seemingly savage, brutal, primal scene. 1st and 2nd dimension, wild animals have not the gift of self awareness, living on the plane of pure instinct, driven by survival alone, and nothing else. As a human being, you have the gift of self awareness but choosing not to exercise self awareness – by not owning fears and by taking things personally – energetically pulls you down the vibrational scale into a scene of attacking, fighting, and consuming fellow humans from an energetic perspective.

Never take personal development personally. Face your fears. Own your fears. Grow gracefully through your exquisite self-awareness.

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Ryan Biddulph

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