Never Confuse Surrendering with Quitting

by Ryan Biddulph

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People often mistakenly believe surrendering is the same as quitting.

But each concept carries a different meaning.

Quitting means giving up on some venture. Quitting even serves you in circumstances where your attention and energy is best spent in other areas. But humans inaccurately believe surrendering means giving up, throwing in the towel or quitting.

In truth, surrendering means doing what you can and allowing some power and the process to handle the rest of the job. Surrendering is an act of trust, an act of knowing, having a deep belief that you did what you can do so it is time to outsource the rest through….well…..rest.

Social Media and eBook Surrender

Last week, I felt an intuitive nudge to largely surrender my social media marketing campaign. My gut told me to:

  • delete the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram apps from my phone
  • spend no more than 10 minutes scanning FB and Twitter via my laptop daily
  • spend social media time only checking DMs, Messages, text-only @replies and comments on Facebook

Holding to my intent, I felt an instant peace, calm and serenity about me. My creativity surged. I wrote and published more guest posts. Everything popped, quite fast. Surrendering to my intuition won, again.

Even better? I felt a similarly intuitive nudge to surrender promoting my eBooks through social media, largely. I simply chose to promote one of my 126 eBooks through all blog posts, guest posts, videos and podcasts. But I intended to spend far less time promoting my eBooks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

After a few days of my joint surrender, my gut nudged me to Google my name for a news search. I discovered how not only had bloggers promoted me passively through a litany of guest posts on various authority blogs; a few aggressively promoted my eBooks, quite clearly. Wow. Surrendering tuned me in to how bloggers had been freely promoting my eBooks for me, for months and years.

I also became aware of how bloggers had promoted my eBooks on social media a bit more frequently over the few days after my joint surrender. Surrendering to the process – and a certain creative power fueled by generous momentum – helped me enjoy aspects of life other than blogging, promoting eBooks and all of the stuff I do online.

Pay close attention to happy, prospering, peaceful people who experience immense worldly success. Virtually every single one of these folks uses the concept of surrender, either intentionally or unintentionally. I recall Oprah Winfrey noting how a pivotal point of her life manifested after she chanted a song to herself about surrendering. Letting go plays a chief role in achieving things astounding most of humanity.

Ego can only think, feel and do so much. Surrendering lets you move into realms your ego cannot possibly imagine. The day I bought my domain and hosting in 2008 do you think my ego had any idea I would:

  • be circling the globe as a pro blogger?
  • have written and self-published 100 plus eBooks?
  • been featured as a digital nomad authority on sites like Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur and Virgin?

I did what my ego believed to be possible but surrendered to the process and a certain power capable of seeing light years beyond what my puny little could possibly see.

Surrender. Do what you can do. Outsource the rest from a relaxed, trusting, energetic perspective. Do what you do life-wise, business-wise, domestic-wise. Then simply get busy with enjoying other aspects of your life, from a chill, knowing vibe.

Surrendering will bring you experiences your mind could never even dream, let alone conceive.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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