Life Is Change and Change Is Life

by Ryan Biddulph

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I scanned an old blog post from a few years ago.

One of my blogging buddies published a helpful guest post. But on clicking his blog link I discovered he had since changed his direction. He used to publish valued content promoting his legitimate online business. He has since taken a different turn toward more fringe, less reputable business models. I respect his decision. But I removed both links to his blog because I cannot link to low quality, not credible sources even if the sources seemed to be high quality, credible sources in the past. The blog changed. The link changed.

Life is change. Change is life. I offered him 2 links to his blog a few years ago. But now I need to change the offering based on change, differing values and differing blog directions. I linked to anybody that breathed, 12 years ago, as a new blogger. Things changed though; I became more discerning as I gained confidence and clarity as a pro blogger, beginning 6 years ago. I gave out links only to more credible sources. Things changed since then. Now I only link to the most reputable sites online. I do not accept advertising or sponsored links unless the links point to niche authority sites. I could care less about getting anything but care 100% about linking only to the best sites on the web.


Life is change. Change is the core concept of life. Be comfortable with agreements dissolving as two human beings change in different ways. I stopped guest posting on certain blogs because I changed my perspective. One blog boasts 2 million Facebook followers; I care not about letting go opportunities I lost resonance with because both parties changed in different directions.

I appreciated the opportunity to help a big crowd but changed my perspective as I became clearer on my intent. I only intend to empower human beings these days. The brand voice of the folks running the blog mixed empowerment along with a strong victim mentality, consistent with any main stream publication. After an editor informed me to change one line of text to ensure the publishing of the post (said edit removing one empowered concept and preaching a victim mentality), I simply thanked them for the opportunity but told them I was moving on.

Again guys; life is change. Most bloggers attach heavily to specific opportunities as if the opportunities will not dissolve in hours, days or years. Appreciate every opportunity in the moment but know that the decay of time erodes all, eventually. Change dissolves one form to make room for another form. Change evolves into a more streamlined existence.

Fighting change is fighting life. Fighting change is a denial of life. Virtually every single ounce of suffering in the human experience is clinging to a past either recently or long gone. Observe a depressed human being. 100% of the time, the individual laments some person, place, event, thought or feeling from the past. People, places, events, thoughts and feelings from the now *appear* to cause depressive feelings but in truth simply trigger depressive feelings depressed people cling to, said emotions being firmly rooted in the past.

What happens when you cling in a Universe of change? Suffering happens. What happens when you face, feel and release emotions to let go the past so you can live in the now? Peace of mind, acceptance, love and detachment happens.

Life is a ride of change, not a permanent pit stop.

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