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“Forget you were born a Hindu, and don’t be an American. Take the best of them both. Be your true self, a child of God. Seek and incorporate into your being the best qualities of all your brothers, scattered over the earth in various races.” ~ Sri Yukteswar

Whether or not you believe in the concept of God, any human being can embody the wisdom of the Kriya yogi master Sri Yukteswar. I do Kriya yoga daily. Part of my practice involves meditating on the wisdom of Kriya masters to allow their infinite guidance to seep into my consciousness.

Being your true self simply means labeling experiences, people, thoughts and feelings less and less and loving life however it is at the time. Loving people, places and circumstances more reveals to you this basic truth: life is either love and harmony or fear and chaos, peace and unity or madness and separation. You choose. You choose to either label a fellow human being a Democrat or Republican, or a Christian or a Muslim, and to hate the fellow human being for a predominant political belief held in their mind.

Isn't that odd? Isn't that bizarre? A fellow human being, who loves deeply and cries, who feels pain and terror, who appreciates and cares for sentient beings, just like you, becomes a mortal enemy in your mind because the individual clings to an identification and series of beliefs in their mind. Do you see how actually, tangibly, utterly insane the idea of hating someone solely because of a political idea held in their mind, REALLY is?

Guess what? I label little these days because I am too busy loving people the way people are. Why? I faced, felt and conquered many deep fears in my mind, involving fears triggered during traumatic experiences from my childhood. Feeling each fear felt rough but releasing each fear immediately released many fear-fueled labels in my mind. The dissolving of labels immediately let love into my being. Me, you and every human being are on the same team. All sentient beings are on the same team, even if this does not appear to be the case.

What makes someone an enemy? Fear-labels in your mind make someone an enemy. What makes an enemy an ally? Facing, feeling and releasing fears from your mind makes enemies, allies. That's on you. But releasing fears from your mind instantly dissolves labels you intimately add to:

  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • human beings (we are all in the same gang and connected, not enemies separate from one another)
  • events
  • circumstances
  • situations

Life gets easier if you live from a greater sense of label-less love. Life gets tougher if you live from a greater sense of labelling fears. Who decides to live from love and not fear? You. How? By facing, feeling and releasing fears in your mind, you dissolve more labels and begin to love life and everyone in it, the way it is.

Label less. Love more. Be at peace with facing, feeling and releasing your fears. Let go labels. Love more. Love Americans, people who live outside of America and politicians, too. Love the government the way it is. Love people the way people are. Stop automatically, mindlessly adding labels to humans, animals, politicians, government and the news. Love each the way it is to reveal any agitation suffered in thinking about such peoples or entities is fear in *your* mind, 100% of the time.

Own the fear and feel it to dissolve the threat of a politician, government or mainstream media. How can someone threaten you if you are not afraid of someone? How can some entity scare you if you do not fear the entity? Love more, label less. Feel fear in your mind. Release labels. Love life the way it is.

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